Slap me silly…

till I’m standing naked before all Creation. No veil, shroud or smoke and mirrors. Just cloaked, in light. Loves Righteousness.

That’s the miracle of life… I don’t deserve it! I promise! I didn’t ask for it… kept my mouth shut like a lamb.

Don’t tell anyone? Bout that scripture. They may get envious, even throw rocks at me. Might even crucify me. Only God knows. Why Love allows it. Go ask them. Pray about it. Or prey on someone else about it.

Look outside… something is wrong and right. Do you have the time? You busy? Sharing in someone else’s glory?


I’m telling. All of Creation. You can’t stop me… you ain’t got the right or the weapons. Just all the money? How do they love it? Blind and lame like that.

Wolves take it from all of us. Tell you all about why, in your ear, whispering and now telling, boldly, to help you see better. The dilemmas between us. It’s them over there. Right or Left?

Is Jesus on the left or right? Invisible hands of Love. Please pray for all of us. Without ceasing!

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