What Say You? We The People…

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Historical Contexts

What do we want? Feel we need? For Breakfast Christmas morning? What is the aim or goal or purpose to recovery plans for New Years? How far will we go? Businesses were fed first… I am being glossy and generous. Families came next… Again I am being glossy and generous.

Individuals and dead people too? Stop. Look. And Listen to me please. Why would we do that? To take a loan against, unknown assets and then waste it? Is this really constitutional? All for We the people? Are we gonna make it so Capetian? How much was all that again? Charged to future generations. What American Dream are we seeking for decades? Was the Interest on our debt due or not? What secret deals went down, even before we were born? For this land we stand proud on? You really think you know everything. Don’t you!? How will we ever…

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