Was Jesus, Allah and Buddha son of man?

Dig deeper and wider. Was Miriam from India or East Asia? Can I just ask a question?

Blind leading the blind. One eye poked out or in heaven? Can I steal his carrot, before he gets it? Examine the land. Is it really protected? Look at his wife…

Are you born of the spirit? And of the flesh of man?  Through a woman?

Rise up and walk babe. Like he, she, it said and did; not like you’ve learned in our church infrastructure. Watching your neighbor, witness that, so you can see. In the mirror, we like it when it looks good. Elvis shot a TV, watching the news. You ain’t got a gun, do ya?

Double edged swords and lost sheep. The wolves, snakes and foxes have disguises. Demons ride them. For love of money… or cheap pride for perceived glory. A heaping sharing in someone’s bounty anyway.  Remember, Love said, the roots of evil. Truth will set us free.  You can rise up and stumble, tumble or walk, it’s a lit buffet of arrays of options.  Don’t get discombobulated.  Stand up straight!  Walk this way… You should be kicking, fighting and running, if your senses are working.  For money, what would you endeavor and do or take; for my pleasure?  And for Love alone?  What would you not do?  Right?  Even if I do it wrong, I Love You! Low hanging fruit.

Will we ever learn? To Love.

How do we break the captives free, in America?  Throwing shields of faith, has not worked; or has it?  Get Wonder Woman and that Golden Lasso.  Are we truly free and in charge? Liberated and set free? From some ideology that is bent for fleecing the flock, ruling the world, as we know it?  Did you forget, or not know, the demons know all about it, better than you do.

The sheep don’t feel it?  That’s the worst and best part.  The abuse of authority. Canes, whips… nails. Don’t get cross with me about it. Bark and bite… mostly nibble. Take what you got and give it to my neighbor. It’s all legal. If I get you to pledge allegiance? Vote for it?

Double minded don’t make know sense, only dollars, nagger.  Can you decipher that?  Did I really say it? I don’t touch hot stoves either, anymore.  Just enjoy the smell of fresh bread.  Occasionally, there is a stench.  Like burning skin… my neighbor learning.  Like I did. I got a card, stump on that. niga. Thank Dave Chapelle for me, for the shade. Do you think he is disrespectful? What is a contrite heart? Watch his Mark Twain special. With an open mind, if not just for research. Don’t miss that blessing, his Mother. Nigr.

Protestant church deal went defunct, we failed. Me included. Now we are bound up ignoring the signs, while arguing over believing in Jesus still.

Have the Catholics become contrite and won the spirits trust to do his bidding, now? I don’t hear the truth out of many of us, up on the stage before the people. Love of money got us here. Invisible hands must stoke fires. Leading us to the promised land, where men are united, in Love with each other. Not believing in stories of Amazon’s, women who get along with enslaved men?  Well… I am curious… what kinda deal we could strike up.  You got dowry?  Let’s see an itemized list.  Here sign this.  Let’s consummate it!  Take a trip? Can I grab this and that?

Jesus’ story happened at the time we are found in again. As a republic on the verge of… Being divided between two wrongs that do not make any of it right.  Split in the middle?  3 parts?  How many are interested in us?  Did you invest early?  Do you have divine rights? I do.

We the people… own all of this. The promise I’m holding on to? That Love never fails. Like Jesus told me. He was my Shepherd, sent by our Father and Mother or brothers sisters cousins lover.  An intelligible something communicated with me!  Believe me!  Said I own this piece.  Of your puzzle.  Here take it… It’s absolutely free!

Born of the Spirit and of the dust of the earth. Or a rib, yanked from the side. Even if God decides to mix it up. I trust Love to sort it back out. I was thrown back into the sea this last time. Must have misled a child? About religion? Or Faith, Hope and Love?

We convict ourselves… Judgment day is every day; for all eternity?  Thank you to Grace for knowledge of Mercy’s unforsaken duty to Love me and make Faith support me; in encouraging you.  To Love me?  Weird. 

Leave me alone, don’t tread on me; unless you got money, milk or honey and will go reach out to your neighbor for me.  Get money from them and bring it to me, you keep any milk and honey.  Thank you.  Here’s my account number. We’ll make this all efficient between us. You need toilet paper? An apartment or car? Food for fuel? Medicine?

We can all live together. Everyone gets a puppy dog! Look at those rainbows. Those that don’t understand we don’t actually need money and militant defensive armies or even presidents and senators!  Just representatives and wise councils, not beholden to anything but Love.  Living abunduntly. Here we live poorly, truth in spirit. Is Heaven part of Earth? Vice-versa?

Sound idealistic?

The lack of faith in Love and understanding, we display, reflects our convictions.  Don’t go berserk and raise the defcon level… We can have moderate forces to be on call for various causes.  Not saying we should do something extreme, all at once.  But reality is and will be for most of eternity, Ruled by Love.  Not money running my Honey, anymore.  Sorry Love.

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