Do you think the fight is over?

Do you really believe this will all blow over? Decades this has been in the making. Wake up Love. We are there yet. Check Yo Self.

We have a ways to go… Should we still be watchful and aware? Or rest and relax? Count the Pence and scratch.

Can we pull the root? Of all evil? Before we ease back into civilization.

Who is the Author of hearts? Who supplies Cupids Arrows?

Is Santa real…ly coming this year for Christmas? Will you wear a mask? Did Mrs. Clause contact you about it? Is she like our First Lady? Does she really care? Did she make him come this year? Or are we just getting a sprinkling of Love and tidings of goodwill, we can count joy, for receiving? More trickle down charity styled economics. Guess we can all agree now on Universal Charitable Dividends for the sake of saving We the people… this time. Nobody questions… economics. For political reasons.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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