Oh Gloria!

Full disclosure… Gloria helped me!  Shared her views.  Talked all about it.  I had been stewing, preying over this issue of Socialism vs Capitalism.  For decades.  We have heard all about it.  We have been propagandized to be against it.  We even paid for the advertising!

At the heart of it… We can’t even talk about it.  You don’t know we are free to make up new Words!  How do we deal with that?  I think the word is in your bones and I can stir it up; just right.  Capitalism, communism, socialists, love them too.  

First and foremost… I found that there is indeed a root of all evil.  No matter the system we choose to execute.  Many people love money.  More than me.  They don’t even know me and they don’t care if I bleed or can’t figure out what the feck ya’ll are thinking you’re doing!  Not a question.  I know everything.  You did last night and 1000 summers ago.

I hope that was a fun trip.  I like stumbling blocks now.  I have plenty here, at the base of my mountain.  We have been throwing rocks at each other for all of eternity.  Now it’s to the point we can’t breath.  What do you want to do about your roots, honey?

We have all colors of lies for bribes and you won’t even google about it.  Read a book or Bible, collection of letters and stories, passed down, with contritness?  That requires a pure heart about it.  Have you been apprehended; been to the heart Doctor?  Many get out, released after a haircut.  End up back in the game, after a bit.  Lost puppies, cats and lambs.

Will you perform better this time?  Have you been rehabilitated?  Did you really get all the table scraps you needed?  Is there a point, where in this life, as a believer in Christ, you own a mansion?  Homeless people can’t sleep in?  Lepers and thieves?

I sharpened my tiller blades and have a new fertilizer solution I am trying out.  A new hybrid seed to plant. Ready for a new tune?

Do you know Jesus?  Have you said hi to Confucius?  Did you spend a season worshipping Buddha; the golden calf?  Since I can’t prove anything with Faith, she’s tight lipped and furious, uses whips and canes.  I like the lead of Love, the thorns are bearable.  No more nails. When we make up it’s sweet like milk and honey.  I hope the well doesn’t run dry, like it seems happened in the stories.  Left and Right*. That wouldn’t be lovely.  I’d rather a culling.  Wouldn’t you?  Honest?  Cast your lot, vote for your party.  Or stand up and be honest, neither are doing it for us.  Cannibals?  Don’t eat sacraments? 

YES!  We are beholden to, abide by, one or the other for a season or two or more scars deeper in the soil, digging roots up.  Have you been paying attention?  The cycles and patterns are not symmetrical.  Word is permeated.  Like water or a virus.  We even have reliable information about the last time, to glean from.  Come to know more about Life on this planet, Love and all of creation; truth would be nice wouldn’t it?  We all know better, bout deceiving, and act like it doesn’t matter.  When it has spread through the parties.  To our core beliefs.  Poisoned wells?

I keep mulling this over… Capitalism is a purposeful coupling of politics and economics.  Cementing that it can never be resolved.  Allows for all you see happening, right now.  A circus or confusion and deception rampant throughout the land.  What story was that book in?  Can the A Team save us?  I kinda hope Adam has a twin, with superpowers.  Already in the game, now. I hope he’s not confused, discombobulated.

Warned in so many ways, about being watchful and aware, of all the creatures roaming about, that it’s discombobulating.  I do empathize and realized; Socialism is a more accurate term to describe the US of A.  We subsidize and obstruct this and that.  Drag our feet when we can get away with it.  No one person in charge of keeping our servants in check.  Are you starting to get it?  We are the problem and the solution.  Never rest.  Work on the sabbath.  Even through retirement?

They only work half a year.  Have the best of everything.  If I point it out to you, servants to the king, I get persecuted on your behalf.  No wonder you won’t stop acting like Satan and Natas, making arguments about your ass.  Get a grip on Job!  Sacrifice the lamb, for the coat.  Keep the goat and kill the man?  That the best you can come up with?  After you accepted Jesus’ sacrifice?  Go out and hold your neighbor accountable please.  Make them vote, churches whispered about it.  We planted propaganda.  Bribed the gatekeepers, spies and don’t worry about the rest of it.  We got this, give us more money.

We are all living a lie.  Won’t really, quite get to the roots of it.  We think it means sacrifice.  

So what did Gloria Estefan leave us for table scraps?  Pillars of salt to lick?  Songs to dance to.   The rhythm is gonna get you.  No matter what.  Love never fails.  Believe or not.  It’s not held against you like some might make you think.  Start with learning about Cleromancy and the history of man.  No worries… You’ll find Love like Jesus found, knock’n on heavens door.  In the meantime, don’t harden your heart to the lepers and thieves, homeless people you see.  

Not the fake panhandlers.  Government officials can be worse than that.  Be watchful and aware.  Ask questions like, why are there homeless people, beggars and thieves.  Love the lepers too.  That is obvious.  They were poisoned, drank from the wrong well.  You were sent here and now to love them back to Love, the greatest of all creation.  The Creator?  Would Love be in the least, worst among us… Why would Love subject itself to that? 

Why do we exist?  Have you found happiness, after pursuing?  Can we stop and deal with the age old problem?  Be honest.  Do we need a good reckoning with the truth about our progress?  Get real about a need for a dynamic, more realistic consideration about politics and economics.  We have much data now.  Many people raise clear concise voices, many don’t have ears for.

Deception.  Simple.  If we would glean and discern, earnestly, honestly about it.  We might actually find the rewards.  Left behind for us.  I’m not quite done here for this fish hook. It’s attached to my Bow. I only use Barbed arrows. Shark teeth, that’s the secret.

Plenty of solutions we could execute.  Even make dramatic improvements overnight.  Problem is we can’t get straight about priorities and profiteering.  We all bought into retirement.  Roots babe.  Only Love can yank?  The stock market?  What do you do with a pretty weed, we’ve saved many times already?  If we could get to the bottom.  Of what all the elected ones, in office for decades, have been toiling about.  We might just find out what roots to pull out, until we get them all.  Both parties.  We already have a list of names started, don’t we?

What would it take?  An impartial party.  

Have we not got proof of efforts for a third party?  Precedence we might say.  A “We the other people” party… how the hell do you define that?  

Feck off all of the past, strain them together, learn from all of creation.  Make a new Word.  We can all vote for it, in a new ballot system, forged from our progress.  Have faith in love, babe.  We can do it.  It’s not that unrealistic, anymore.  Anything is possible. I bet you might have some ideas.


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