Enjoy… while I tell you why you should invest your time and what’s left of your mind and heart into reading rainbows. Shooting darts & arrows. Put down your shotgun. Grab a barbed wire fence, tear it down and make a crown, give it to your neighbor. Tell them I’m sorry. You let all this happen, too.

Keep your money honey… Bribes aren’t a tenth… They are at most a hundreth of a percent. I am being generous. Stretch your imagination, then go read the book again. Want a renewed spirit about it? Let us, thee and they, stir things up a bit.

Tax the Church!
If they can’t give up the shirt!
Time to rescue the lost and dying, remember?
Can’t fund nuth’n when no one but We the people paying taxes & Tithes, funding campaigns… creating jobs with our needs and wants.
Does money laundering adversely affect us?
As the Bride or body of christ? Wonder what Christ might say about it. I always wondered why aliens, like homeless people wandering the streets, exist. Wonder what scripture says about that.
Somebody been get’n paid and not doin their jobs… Did they end up like Job?
All of Creation serves We the People! Not the other way around.
Sheep? Blind and lame? On parade? In the game? Reaching for glory of some kind? Protection. We at war, are you dodging a draft card? Using a trump card you think you have? Justified by anything but what you know about Jesus or Love?


Are we tempered by the truth? Or just created to throw a tempertantrum when Love is infringed?

How do we deal with the convoluted mess of history documented between us? Can we tear into the hard hearts and examine discombobulated brains? Is Love able to save anyone? Why did you get so lucky or blessed to have been so stable and level headed? Are you merciful? Can you lead us? Show us how to make money on the stock market? How do you set up an account in the secret islands? Swiss bank account? I hear Ireland. Who all bought in to America? Years before you and I were born. What was that about a lost and dying soul or generation, in the story about Jesus, Allah, Buddah and Confucius. Would you do anything to save them? What can we learn from history about it? What books would you include in your investigation? Can we examine them all? Is that silly?

For what it’s worth… Why are we so stiff-necked and stubborn about it? Is that a question worth asking? Digging into? What are we beholden to most? Cause it’s obvious… we ain’t paying attention to whats happening over and over… Well… we are headed for Mars, they tell me, this time. Wonder if we’ll see Mommy. Finally.





Can you stop, what you been doing?

Can you look around? See what is happening beyond your horizon?

Does it matter if someone is warning you that a well is being poisoned, was poisoned. Before you drank of the well, after the one that is warning you?

Can you take a barbed wire fence in one hurdle? How high can you jump and what kind of landing you got? What competition would you like to enter? Who’s glory you chasing? Do you question your intents and motivations; or just others? What’s it mean to do it for the Pride? We passed the greed stage, btw, with flying colors!

Ask Barbi about it.

You have a bow? Do you need arrows? Are you hunting for bounty? What’s your game? Is it deer season? Catch me if you can… I’m in a all terrain vehicle disguised as a Cadillac. There’s a caravan… with blue and red lights! I had thought they were following… On my ass… Like that. Jesus! Shaitan! Run a smoke screen… I’ll break free. Straight ahead… They’ll never see me for the dust on the left and right.

I might have been a donkey, in another life… Maybe a deer. Definitely a goat at one time or another. Probably a snake at one point. Wonder what’s next.

Matthew McConaughey, suggests, you figure out who you are not in the stories first. Gave you and us all a greenlight. Punch on the gas, young buck. Burn the rubber… send a smoke signal the heavens cannot ignore.

What was Jesus saying? Who was Jesus protecting? What light was Jesus shining? In the story. Don’t we glean and learn from all of creation? What happened after Jesus died? Why all the illusions and parables? How is there so much history in all of us? Is the Word indeed in our bones. Can I look for your funny bone? Did I hit a nerve? How’s your knees work’n? Can I test and try them? How do you know I am not an Angel? Can you tell if I am the devil? What is an anti-christ? Can you wait to see?



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