You will have to dig down deep and stretch out wide and far… For me to search and frisk you. Now get naked. Bend over. Backwards for Love.

Stay still… Do not cough! While I do this...
This helps… get the message across.
Left & Right Meet In The Middle.

This is the mirror… Your hands going to pray about something. Close your eyes, see the light in the background. In the middle between them.

We are getting married… One Love between all of us.

Is she ready? Has He come to get her?

Let’s check if they are free for the festivities.

Set the captives free! Like Jesus did… Made a deal with Love for us.

We all unite… all denominations under Christ, forming a body of believers that have immense unworldly wealth and power… scattered among all of creation… to act on Love’s behalf. When we wake up and rise all together. Write a new script for all created, pure blood, on our heart.

Captives are free… are you and I? Free him and her please… from the Pope/Vatican and the Protestant reformed churches. We all failed to teach the truth, we were ignorant and even deceived about it.

FREE! And acting with liberty in this new world? That knows not what they do. Casting lots. Feeding beasts.

Free to find a new voice or even receive a new directed play on the fly… Only for overcomers, who will listen, to receive a blessing. Love wrote and implanted or inspired in the middle of the night, when you were sleeping?

That’s service minded and free slave mentality… to follow that kind of direction… by faith. Step off the ledges babes… your turn is here finally!

God helps them who help… Clean up briers and thorns.

Somewhere in the Bible… does it matter? If the Word has meaning?

Are you jive talk’n to me about Love!? Or service and slavery? Is there a difference. What shit do we need to do? To get it all right… again. For all of creation. Just keeping the anything is possible dream alive… It’s not that American, but, not at all opposed to good lov’in; all together having a good time!

No matter where you come from or condition your in. We Love Creation. Period. Sun and Moonlight. Just or unjust. How dirty a job do I need to dress for? Do I need a full face mask and hazmat suit?

Jesus was not a silent advocate for the people.

He did not hide behind faith or ignorance of truth found in scripture. All the scripture of the day and time He lived in. Could Jesus read Cuneiform? Did He know a unknown Love Language, we have yet to discover? All together.

More than David did in his time… Jesus stood up to our Goliath, hell. He unified us… Now look at us. All of us in creation. Go pick up the cross, submit to the millstone. Or bang cymbals and beat drums. Make some kind of commotion. Be holy! Be faithful. Stand up to tyranny and oppression. Goliath.

What are we Protestant Christians doing, been doing, since we had been given the position of spiritual leadership in this westworld? Since 1954, officially.

Why is the Vatican still holding our Catholic faith denomination separated from the rest of the flock? Do we freemen become slaves again? When the state of the world and the churches becomes known to all. You gonna vote for the first day of the week? Choose an earthly ruler? We all already voted for Love, including Jesus, if you claim to be in His house of creation.

Jesus came to set the captives free… already freed us from the wages of sin. Your ideas of Hell.

We keep putting yokes on the sheep. Do this do that, follow the flock…They like it… Stockholm syndrome. Need more rooms! So many wanting and needing, left untouched and unfed by the Church Authorities on earth. Claiming, under the sun, to be doing God’s bidding; justifications for tax breaks and donations? Wonder what that’s like in Heaven, as it is on earth. Bound up, ineffective. Like the Bible says.

None of us have made it to fruition yet. Contrite hearts should be produced as a result of seeking truth with a pure heart. Not cunning revelations of others flesh nature so we can put knees on them. Seems like justification to charge more fees and penalties.

Oppressive behavior, for some monetary gain, glory or power? Give me your shirt please. Sell me everything! Wash my feet. I do not deserve your Love for me. You have position and leverage? To help the least among us?

Much is required of those that are given much. Remember… the sun rises on all of us. Love just loves, you know this.

Babes? Need feeding? Force feeding by our hands? A preferred brand of spiritual milk and honey?

Don’t stop at the gates of hell! Tour the whole Kingdom.

Don’t you wanna follow after Jesus? Save others who don’t deserve it; don’t know what they are doing. With pure Love. Not more oppression… laws for living… not when we can’t figure out how to fix the Goliath issue, for them. Confusion and deception. Misinformation.

For the Love of money… the root we tap dance around all day and night. Won’t dig up… need grace and mercy for the lack of Love for our neighbors and walking in the light of truth about it all the time. Not many, love, know Biblese style language. We speak American English and Urban Slang around here, in America. Make it feel good and funny, or move me like Jesus moved you. I’m crazy and messy, all in love with Love.

Tell me I can move mountains! That Love never fails.

Our Creator knew full well before the foundation was laid between us… what would need to happen to bring about our fruition, including the least among us. Quit blaming the rest of creation for everything, now that we know some aspect of truth. Not one including each of us are worthy.

Sell all you have then promote you wanna be like Jesus. I’m serving Love, like Jesus did. Love said all creation receives the benefits of Jesus too.

He told you and I to be patient. Speak in their Love language, this is their home, we are wanderers, seeking to and fro for whom may be blessed. In service to Love or enslaved to Jesus, if needed, to produce results for Love. Sold into slavery.

We been released? Early for good behavior?

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