Gills & Lungs… Wings & Bear Claws.

Can you hold your breath for us or at least keep your mouth shut? Let’s see how long… While being bound to an alien planet by gravity? In a shell of a confused and deceived vessel? Half blind and no loot? Would you call for help from the universe?

Based on what you have observed while enjoying the trip your on in the garden kingdom… Is anyone suffering? Do you feel compelled to share in someone’s artificial glory? You will report back, maybe you forget, your mission.

Is there work to be done? Some need for correction? Do you expect Love to listen? Hear our call for action, not just more spiritual encouragement? Let’s rally resource support. Would you donate your life for that cause?

Do you find yourself praying internally, involuntarily, like breathing? Are you a Foe, Fish or Fowl? Drenched in water and rusty here, under the sun? What spirit animal do you associate with? Is this home and feel all right and good to you? Just right, like you like? Goldilocks, Pigs and a Bull. No fish multiplying? What about Bacterium and Germs spreading? How do we Love all of them? Some need to go! Be ye eradicated. Maybe I am one that should be sacrificed. A lamb slaughtered for all. Not you babe. Your…

Some other sort of creature, Love created, for me. To serve through Loves existence in the universe. Fact is… I gotta mouth to mouth resuscitate you; slap you around sometimes and regurgitate and hand feed you food, I go get for you. You just rest and watch for my return. Stay in the nest. If you fall, I’ll catch you. Trust me, I will be back. St. Nick just in the right time.

Lord, we need you now! We fell, are falling, and there seems to be no bottom. How high did we create the tower of babel?

Are you an alien here on this planet? Do you speak an unknown language? What is your Love language? Can we speak, peacefully? Or do we need security to escort you to a cage or cell? Should we solidify you in concrete, for all to see? A representation of what we should or shouldn’t be, beholden to.

All together, We the people… Should respect this and that. By laws and in-laws, decreed, all constitutionally correct and manipulated. What does capitulate mean?

We like to challenge and win something. Just an observation. I fell to the casino mob too… they saw me and you coming. Learned about human behavior and, eventually, chose to pursue oppressive capitalism and used democracy to do it. Freedom and Liberty, for all, to participate or not.

I do agree we are free. And have come to believe we have power. Are we evolving? It’s your life your living. Can we say we are progressing? Coming together communally? Without it being an issue of word choice? More silly derision and division? Do we, that held to the promise, realize Love across the land, for all of us? Does it remain to be seen? Or can we behold this yet?

Many, coming behind you and I, know something organically, we may not be so familiar with, yet. It is not a conundrum, if you know Truth about Creation. Coming to know more of Love. It’s addicting and demanding and wont let go, once you ask for it, accept it’s offer. Like answering a knocking door. Blown back and forth, against the casing, by winds generated by our neighbors hands waving. Flailing. Many don’t know why. It just isn’t right. It just isn’t, for all. Capitalism is for winners and losers alike. That is the law.

Is the Spirit of Love in everything we know and love? And what about the nouns we hate? Cast them back or in the fire? Who are you too say? Are you anointed or appointed? I just need to record your answer for the census. Define your status.

Do you own property and preach about Jesus? Do you have a building that’s vacant and empty at night? Could we stop and have a baby in your garage? How do we overcome such blatant hypocrisy? We are a nation under God. You pledged and inadvertently led others as well. Is this a hard truth to swallow? Our blindly following the blind? Are we convicted to do something about it yet?

Dig into what Piety actually means. It is both secular and religious. Is it sacrilegious? Are you in a sacred place of worship, in your house and outside under the sun?

Piety - a belief or point of view that is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence.

The truth will set us free. We do not need to fund all these organizations and buildings, instead of our charge to lift up our neighbors from poverty. The poor in spirit. Colluding together to win hearts for Love is fine… why are you part of the brood, accepting bribes? Of all kinds.

Stand up for truth and righteousness. It’s true, politicians are corporations too! Campaigns and elections, cost us dearly and we get little to nothing for it. Value conscious consumers want better reports and are realizing… there’s only one source, for that sort of information.

Love promised to bring us all together and reveal itself to us. Do you believe? Why not? Our actions are obvious, collectively. We are led by invisible hands like a flock of sheep, waving us back and forth, for power to rule and gross domestic profits.

Like fish out of water, we flop, back and forth. Looking for fresh water. Always hoping it rains soon… drowns the neighborhood. With Love, of course.

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