See saw Esau… He never got his carrot?

Francesco HayezEsau and Jacob reconcile (1844)

So much is happening in the stories we base our piety on. Can you really be contrite about your sense of faith? Did you learn it from someone? Witness it people watching? Get an idea? Put 2 and 2 together? Did your Father or Mother help you learn to ride a bicycle, like hell, or was it a crazy uncle, brother or sister you were close to?

Isis and Isil… All the terrorist groups. Inspired from inequality of mans governance of shared inheritance, wealth and resources; raping and plundering land and materials, people. And the economic levers and political powers of nations of territorial bound borderland.

Oh say can you see… under God’s name and all. We pay the price with lives and dollars. Debts against us all in creation or beholden of a nation. Generational, genitival or genetical sins of the Father? Mom and Nana all innocent, huh?

It’s not so bad if you don’t pay the attention to the details.

We create enough confusion you can ignore and negate most of it, easy enough. Just watch your disposition, constitution and the laws of the land your in. Do right, be humble and follow the flock.

Pledge allegiance to this flag under God… you and I and them did; already voted God. I hope God is Love, like in the Bible story. I’m holding God accountable, nun the less. Let’s raise Holy Commotion… get the spirit of Love rolling! I trust Love to move mountains. I ain’t equipped for that kinda digging. Surely there is a better way around the mountain… what if I own it?

Can I get enough of them to bore me a hole through it? Maybe God will create a boring machine for us, to rent, while we are here. Just take debt against the nation to pay for it. It’s expensive. Need laborer’s, supporters and fluid cash flow to mount that sort of endeavor. Fracking for roots might be cheaper, more efficient. Never mind the neighbors houses; insurance don’t cover some acts of God, not explicitly stated. Read the fine print, you didn’t specify that, and we disclaimed it, you should have known. It’s legal. And they are a limited liability corporations not people. What did you really expect? Consumer is always right mindset?

Get back out in to the field and work for the land and our nations bounty. Or take them out, subdue them somehow, and lead the others to our brand of freedom. It’s dog eats dog, if you don’t eat your own tail?

Gain something, by just invested observations, time and planning. That’s good use of talents given. Clever, cunning and profitable margins for effort and investment, a good deal for us. Premeditated plundering, for a gain, for ones self and maybe a few others interests. Some might call this deal a raping, in the locker, board or war room. Grabbing organic advantages manipulated, insider trading and even a counterfeit cloak. Fleecing is the common term now.

Can’t remember what it’s called in the Art of books… Join a brood and read them. They don’t meet at your Library. I hope you can pay real close attention, like Rebekah and Israel? I wonder what they’d say now. Was it all worth it? Makes me wonder… did Joseph try to do something similar? Grander scheme? Or maybe someone reproofing later.

Esau – Was he a hard worker?

Worthy of his salt and inheritance?

Did he deserve the portrayal in this story, as is?

How hairy is it? Red faced and rough, like an elephant, in the room.

Oh my…

Do your own fecking research… Bro!

I kid… too… to make the point. But, can you imagine. If all this had some “Hair” of truth about it? Between us all?

Do you believe in Creation? What did you inherit? Can you protect it? Without joining a brood? That’s Love’s lowest common denominator. Snakes in the sea. Guess you didn’t have time for the stories to get ahead of the curve…

We got you Bro! We all go together, fool! We even take the wicked with us… for fuel and labor. Of course their are riches in heaven greater than on earth. Now that you can accept it. Receive the Gift. Of The Spirit Of Truth. Screaming at you day and freak’n night… do this, do that… your unworthy, thank God, cause you just don’t get it. Pray some more fall in line. Tow this yoke. Get back out in the field, you wild hairy ass.

Go ahead… take advantage. You first babe. That’s what Esau might say, I imagine, now that he’s wise as a serpent. Thank God He’s gentile like a lamb, about it. Love never fails to reconcile all of it’s creation.

We might ask Iesous ho Nazoraios.

A Barbed Arrow Through Your Heart. Be watchful and aware, heads up. Alert and expecting a knock at your door. Anytime in the future. Send us tribute we’ll protect you… supply you barley grain and wine and milk. Fig trees, mustard seeds and vineyards, you can plant. Or your choice, just a mess of pottage or fish, rock chips and bread. Share our sacred space, blankets and trinkets. Gold, crown jewels and worldly wealth beyond imagination, we have; collected and keep for all. Don’t look behind the veil, until your chosen. Just follow… our plan to get it. Have we pointed out the part about Tithes and First Fruits? Very important. We impress much about it. We must carry the cross for eternity! Keep the eternal flame, from going out of business?

Coming hard and fast next…

The Tribe Of Asher

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