We are in a organic simulated zoo with a man made amusement park. This is what happens when we all work together with unmerited favor, bound on planet earth. Enjoy! You need a barf bag for the next ride. You forced in line; for the Wild Hairy Buffalo Roller Coaster. Rhinos staggered 1 x 1 with the elephants…

Responsible Rhetoric

What’s It To You!? Spread The Good News!

Something New… Like a plant or flower. Just comes to exist. Springs forth through the Creation ward.

Do you prefer the word room? Or is ward ok with you? We should vote shouldn’t we?

Is the creation of any life a miracle? Even the roughest cut diamonds yield some value.

Drive down the highway or side roads and see all sorts of growth of life. Trees, shrubs and thorn bushes. Weeds and sunflowers live scattered together. Are the tumbleweeds and grass blades better if there are wildflowers amongst them?

We have a great divide between all of us in America and all around the world and I, I, I, I can’t find my baby… Do you even care? Just asking. Peacefully. I ain’t got no gun, relax. I even made it a song lick.

You need a whip’n

I sing and dance…

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