Lost & Found

The Lost Ten Tribes

Apocryphal accounts concerning the Lost Tribes, based to varying degrees on biblical accounts, have been produced by both Jews and Christians since at least the 17th century.[4]:59 An Ashkenazi Jewish tradition speaks of these tribes as Die Roite Yiddelech, “the little red Jews“, who were cut off from the rest of Jewry by the legendary river Sambation, “whose foaming waters raise high up into the sky a wall of fire and smoke that is impossible to pass through.”[17]

Do you go along acting and behaving like your being changed correctly everyday of your life? Growing, developing and maturing, slowly, day by day? Do you forgive yourself for what you do and don’t do, sometimes wrestle with that? Do you execute mercy on yourself, like you do for your neighbor? You gotta take care of yourself too, babe.

This is not really a problem. We take care of ourselves everyday, even if we don’t do it very well. Even if it hurts another to see it, day in and day out. Even if it don’t. Even if no one cares about your calamity. As far as you know, the eye can see. You are not alone, there are aliens all around us. They don’t care if you breathe air or not. Won’t bother you, as long as you don’t rock the boat, when the waves hit.

Does Love lose coins or talent? LMOA! Anything it decides to create trash? ROFL! I’d go dumpster diving, for pleasure, beat out the last god among them; grab Thors Hammer, King Arthur’s Sword and The Chalice, while I AM @it. Amazon angels delivers the ark and bowl, same day. I sent the request before noon, around sunrise, this time. Early bird gets the worm. We all learn eventually… in eternity’s game of Life. The truth about winners and losers. It’s a scam, did it originate in Hell?

There is a huge divide between what our Bible says are the attributable values of Love as a God we are under, due tribute; and what the gods under the sun suggest might have happened in our books, just guessing. If you ate the apple pie. To see if your infected. You don’t need a closet priest to admit it, stand and confess; so we all know, all about it, gossip and share your testimony. At dinner after church or supper later during the weeks work. We break bread and live, laugh and eat. Love it too!

Spread Jesus story, across the land, like peanut butter, give ’em a spot of milk and tell ’em about the honey coming later. Force feed it to the children with these invisible hands… Make it palatable and vaguely understandable; God helps those that help themselves. Serve snacks, they can expect and look forward to. Throw festivals and celebrations. Have everyone bring a dish. Get the message out. Advertise. Word of mouth like… from the rooftops! Good News! The church is still open for business. We found the lost tribes of creations sheep! Buried under the wheat and Capital. Thank God the Church has been faithful about it, for us all.

More to come… I ain’t done with We the people yet. Better hydrate, rest and get a test. I’m gonna try your patience, again. See how talented you really are, can you handle the truth, now? Move a mountain and dig up a root? Support truth and justice? It’s messy down here. We can overcome it. Realize a gain we been itch’n for. Made white as snow, with leprosies?

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