Aside: Enyalius



A Childlike Commotion Production…

What’s the Word on Love across the land for all of creation? Can we hasten or is it just a matter of patience? Should I just be quiet, because you’ve thought and heard all this before?

What say you… all of creation, scattered, all across this land of ours? We share as an eternal inheritance, between all of us. Get the gest? Read all the stories, be purified, with a pure hearted result. Renew your mind… may take all your life or many more; under a moon and sun.

Love never fails. To make us all whole. Keep it in remembrance. Promise that!

Historical Contexts Enyalius is often seen as the God of soldiers and warriors from Ares cult.

2sents: Reminds me of the occasional Angel, good Samaritan, roman soldier and guard. Woman at the well. Jesus up on a cross. In the stories.

Did Ares convert, repent, change become contrite about what Love with a pure heart is? Have we been fighting invisible hands ever since? 1970ish? 1954? 0?

Ares|serA #AskingForAFriend in trouble with God. They say. Cut down. Ineffective for Justice sake. Helpless. Hopeless. For change. Nothing we can do about it. It is what it is. Make the best of it. Lemonade for the spirit and flesh to share. Sip’n on gin n juice. Grape juice or red kool-aid punch? Blue or Clear Powerade? I hear cool-mint Listerine is effective against the virus.

Do we forgive the Gods that fell? In Love. With the Truth finally. About domination, denominations and impressionists…

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