Free Shovels And Directions To Wells

*Now With Pictures And Sound! Since 1969 Or Before Time Began, In the Beginning…

Before We The People… became wise as serpents and gentle as doves and lambs.

Watching Made For TV Movies and Cartoons and Living, Loving and Laughing… while we wait for The Programming to be disrupted for Loves’ sake. Public Service Announcements and a few commercials for Peace And Truth Equality between us all.

Animated, reproofed and formatted Graphic Text became fodder for Cinema, Cartoons and Stand-Up Comedy Specials… some Lifetime Romance and Drama Genre, mixed in subtly.

Before We The People… became, as promised, wise as serpents and gentle as doves and lambs.

Is the point of the story, of the good news as gospel truth, that we are not under the thumb of the likes of Pepi the 2 or 3 pigs anymore? How well do you know our history or Bible stories? Are you watching the news about what’s happening in the Kingdoms of all Creation? Is Pepi back in action? Who all is in the family? Who is Userkare? Teti? Seti I hired Columbo to figure out who the Pink Panther is. The Pinkertons? Chester Cheeto from 2020!? Is that AC/DC, B.C./A.D. or C.E.? yBP?

Merry Christmas 2020

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