Dagwood or Reuben? Grilled Cheese & A Glass Of Milk?

We just do what we see our parents and others doing?

Phaedo & Aesop

Watch the other people getting by with breathing air, eating fruit, thinking, believing and doing for causes and reasons?

Who cleaned up all the poop before the age of accountability?

Free for all! Dry, Great Value Honey Nut Ohs for the kids… From a bowl or cup dispenser with a spill-proof lid.

Your Mom and Dad are going on extended Honeymoon… Left you with a foster family.

What do you know about Cleromancy?

Casting lots of debris and reproofing your Helvetica texts and script shares; testing and trying our ideas of God or gods. Forever or infinite eternity, whichever is coming or going first. You go to Mars, Saturn or Mercury; send Laverne and Shirley to Venus and I’ll take Pluto for my inheritance. MVP, VIP and all of us rise up, go together? Until the end of time. We will do it better next time.

In the Book of Leviticus 16:8, God commanded Moses, “And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat.”

Meanwhile… We the people, pledged under God to do something for ourselves and neighbors on planet Earth. Love and Truths’ stranded family; Liberty, Trust, Grace, Faith, Lucifer, Satan and Mercy.

Justice happens when injustice comes to fruition. Stand Back and stand by, until Love moves you to help with the universe. Don’t let the wolves, snakes, foxes, goats, lambs and lost people with invisible hands; provoke your actions and justify your behavior. We are free from oppression and tyranny. George said God said… Love told me through Truth and examining Justice.

All of creations flocks follow suit… bending knees to Loves branches that came before us… Defined the Spirit Of Truth and Love about God and Jesus; for some of us.

No language barriers or Tower of Babel can overcome Truth, about Love in the unify verses.

Thank Love, for your God of Grace and Mercy, for your Faith, and any Knowledge, you have, of hope for what’s next. And any evidence, of proof of life, you have found or of the validity and veracity of your neighbors chosen gods, bible, school or current science of philo sophy. It really is up to you to dig.

Well, are you and I a Uni? You and I verses any, some or all who stand against us and them? Just verses of Psalms and Proverbs? Scripture reproofed for laws of gravity and supply and demand for more helium?

Miriam, Aaron and Moses saved us? For Abraham, Joseph or Levis’ sake? Why do we need Jesus, Allah and Buddha? Confucius? Mahatma, Diogenes, Barnabas and Hitler? We have Mary in us?

Who invented the Reuben sandwich?

Would you prefer a different variation, inspired by the Reuben?

Solve that mystery and then you can tackle the mystery of the Gospel of Christ. Geas us or geis us all together God, Lord of what Love is from above; under the Sun and Moon and Stars above the majesty of all you have created. The Truth about Love is King. I do not love pimento cheese.

Eat a sandwich and poop out the contents. Feast and merrily, be worthy; reproof your scriptures. Again I say, It really is up to you to dig and ask for understanding; from the universe.

Is there more than one opinion of thought about Love or Truth? Which book says your brand is best? Consumer Reports? A guides book? Paths proven… trusted and desired, worthy to behold, like gems or gold.

Is your inner mirror made of gold, tin, silver and/or mercury? Antimony? You need a cup of sugar to make stardust? Are we 80% or 20% Nichrome? Are you 1% or 99% sure about, this life and the time after life on Earth? Have you read all the books; studied the life stocked here on earth?

Have you probed the heart and mind of The Christ and know what planet your, telling babes and kids what to do, on?

Where to stand, what to learn and what flag to herald? Teach how to fish or shoot a gun? Stand for Love? Which humans to follow for your God’s will to be done, on earth; as it is in your idealism of dreams of heaven?

You may not know Jesus, personally.

Personally… I do not think Jesus would be standing; for this mess we’ve made since the Genesis of Revelations. We wouldn’t stand for it, it seems, if our sussed history about the Truth is true. In the future, I won’t stand for pimento cheese. I like and love sharp Cheddar, Fontina and Havarti, so far. Muenster is good too.

What reproofing of our origin scriptures have been done and why? Is it hard to communicate these sort of ideas? Are we always moving forward? Evolving and maturing? Are you alive and part of all of creation? Do you think stumbling blocks are good? Profitable for you, by faith? For a Lifetime in the Hope State?

Overcomers; We the people… are.

You standing naked… looking in the mirror? One eye closed with one arm behind your back; fingers and toes crossed?

Remember when you were stiff-necked and foolish… learn from when you were stubborn, now that you are wicked; with oil. I AM A match with GT. Go help Superman and Wonder Woman; save All Of Creation, from themselves.

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