Confusion & Deception

“You analyze the Earth and the Sky; Tell me, why you can’t analyze the signs of these present times?” -Jesus Christ.

A Deluge of Information…

Hunker down, focus on this.

Carat and bling… BAM!

Blind eye; this and that.

Turn a cheek, now, spew and spit.


Livy Wicked. With Oil… Matches please.

All we can do is point fingers. Watch. Some bet on this and that.

Stand on rooftops and fiddle and dance… make it amusing.


Like entertaining kids so they wont throw shit everywhere; at each other.

Love created…


Standing less is becoming more.

Coming to know Love… Remember?

To be clear and concise; contrite, about what I did...

I asked Love to reckon this mess about God and Jesus in America… after Love redeems and restores your heart and soul. And after our sociopolitical economic system is renewed; into some new creature.

Then we will know about God and Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Confucius.

Love promised to protect and preserve the Truth, for us all.

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