Blowing off some steam… just enough for a facial.

Our knowledge or faith of Love is in our bones… God said so, Jesus confirmed. Others have testified. Some by mail-in affidavits.

As you can see clearly now, under this American flag of allegiances; God is, or has become, an ambiguous, enough, version of Love to rally the flock, of blind, behind. Print honors to on our money. Acknowledging riches.

It all starts and stops with Love… Alpha and Omega.

Can you tell me the root Word of God? And the root of all evil? Seek the truth with a pure heart. Love never fails; is what I heard from the Spirit of Truth about it.

Would Love impose you, to send your babies to war against another nation, it created? Would Love give you a gun? To kill it’s kid?

Would Love really let helpless and homeless people go unnoticed, uncared for, in this day and age of human advancements? After commanding believers to love neighbors or all of creation? With a well like that!? Zam Zam look at all the fish.

After the faithful accepted tax breaks for acts of faith? Money Laundering? Protect and preserve, truth and honesty, for Love, God and Country. Turn cheek to the blind eye. Struck down by light. The bling of silver and light or a reflection in the mirror? Photobombed, you can’t hide. Anywhere in the garden of creation.

Why doesn’t the church of God cut off it’s hands? Left and right. Like Aaron gets a pass for intent and impotence. Lord, Lord! In your name! Keep the faith. Steadfast and holy. In Love or faith?

Faith is the assurance that the things revealed and promised in the Word are true, even though unseen, and gives the believer a conviction that what he expects in faith, will come to pass. … In other words, it becomes so tangible that you now possess it.

ho·ly/ˈhōlē/ Learn to pronounce

adjective holy; comparative adjectiveholier; superlative adjectiveholiest

  1. dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred. “the Holy Bible” Similar: sacred consecrated hallowed sanctified venerated revered reverenced divine religious blessed blest dedicated Opposite: unsanctified cursed
    • (of a person) devoted to the service of God. “saints and holy men” Similar: saintly godly saint like pious pietistic religious devout God-fearing spiritual canonized beatified ordained deified righteous good virtuous moral sinless pure perfect Opposite: sinful irreligious
    • morally and spiritually excellent. “I do not lead a holy life”
  2. DATED • HUMOROUS used in exclamations of surprise or dismay.

Blaspheme… I wrote an article about it.

Voices for voiceless; busy yelling at believers and non-believers in God, Jesus and Allah. Servants and slaves. Confused and deceived. Who’s who in the mirror of Love? Enduring and persevering with one or the other… doubt and betray all.

Love does or does not suffer fools?

No one argues about Buddha? Confucius? Love. No one argues about what love is. They just call their version of ideals and thresholds, tough love. Like mistletoe. I’m good with that.

Love never fails. Even if God decides not to make the Sun rise tomorrow. Moon tides prevail.

Really its your fault for inspiring this rogue rhetoric comment. I couldn’t help myself, in love like that, with the Word. The Word was God… until inequity was found, in the context of transliteration.

Love you! And All Of Creation.

Satire-tipped #BarbedArrows


Subtly Beautiful & Alluring

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