Him & Word

Him and Word… Prey like animals for Love, The Spirit Of Truth, to set us all free!

Protect and preserve Love; babe.

All Of Creation.

Word was way before the Bible… Him is a pronoun; Love created through the Words, we use.

Remember lent, knees and busy bees… A Tower of Babel atop a mountain, to reach a hanging garden, with roots of evil; from the bowels of hell. Not one dig’n; for fear of persecution. Politically incorrect. Neighbors throwing rocks.

Who is suffering?

Rhetoric. Deception. Confusion. Aren’t you paid to milk cows and feed the babes?

Do you believe God is almighty?

The devil in the details?

Love… ALL OF CREATION. Like Jesus did for us. Pointed fingers, rode a donkey and hung on a cross. Learn from him… he’s contrite about not crying out for help. That fool didn’t say a Word to Him. Bible says so. Must have known something. Remember? Something about being thrown back into the sea for misleading children. Earnest for reward. Proofing scripture and seeking profit for talents.

Is Abraham our Father God? The I AM? A Child in America asked; who will answer?

Someone went first to prepare for us.

Someone is coming up the rear with two horns.

Lost and dying generations and folds of new flocks. Not one perishes. If you know Love, for Him, God.

Seek the truth with a pure heart; sell all you are beholden to.

Love is unfathomable. I don’t blame Aaron… We are free of the wages of sin and death.

Just need best practices while we get, or rather, come to know Love.

All this just so we will believe in Love.

Thank you Grace, Hope and Faith.

Mercy and Truth.

All pure Love from Love.

Jared – You were warned. Just like in the Bible, Quran and all the other texts Love preserved for Truth, in all things…
Overcome, persevere; even unto persecution?

DO NOT MISLEAD CHILDREN… Give ’em shelter and food and clothing; THE TRUTH about Love, God, Jesus, Potus and the Pope.

Stand back and stand by… Remember #Covfefe!”

Bible says we are silly with it. Confusion and deception. Sleights, hands, feet and knees and the truth about it. The end times and Love. The sabbath.

Mercy, not sacrifice. Tithes and First Fruits? We own all of creation, in, by and through unmerited Love Inheritance Rights from the Milky Way. We all go to Pluto?

Some how, nevermind why, we have super natural powers. To all together rudder this spaceship. 6th and the 7th sense may have wonder twin powers to manifest reality; if it’s in line with the name of Love. Word and He said as much so.

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