Video: Rare & Valuable We Are

Get ready for blessing. Two way streets.
Marked By Love.
Love Will Not Relent… Saves, renews and restores ALL OF CREATION.
Lucy Sat An Asked Nicely… Didn’t mention anything about you and them.
You said you knew this already.
You don’t wanna build a bridge? Walls then? Oh a ferry system.
Can you stare at the Sun or Son?
And roll.
One hit made you wonder?
Ah! Yeah… consuming fire was a good analogy.

It’s Love in the fabric of the universe. I discovered it. Named it Love in another life cycle. Your truth will set you free. Love will know… what you need. When it’s time for slaughter, in our books. Preserve Truth… Pre Served By God through Jesus, Allah and Buddha. J. A. B. or maybe Confucius for some. Maybe Dahl.

Thornman D’Spearo Agnewsine – New Year’s Eve 2020

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