Our Condition

#RandiBows and #BarbedArrows

Just dropped in…


A comment on the condition our condition is in…

Truth is you, I, nor your neighbor know what all he has had a hand in… I say that boldly. Who leveraged and sold visas to china first thing out the gate with the keys; to your Kingdom?

George even warned us about invisible hands. Search the Word about it.

Contrite hearts are notable in the Bible… Both parties are not right and humble.

Truth is… some ardent Trump and Biden followers call it hate. Re-framers; not truly reformers.

Some claim genetic or intellectual superiority and want or do not want the walls or access barriers. Faith, Hope and Love are free for the taking.

Biden and Trump are circus animals performing for the sake of your salvation; Gods’ pleasure in the Christian Bible. Presenting an opportunity for all, left and right, to become contrite about this mess.

You don’t want unity and Love? You want a sense of superiority, rights and allegiance to what? Gunpowder? Flags? Obedience. Slaves.

The fire burns up… all impurities. Your level of belief is not really important. You will come to know… Love. Bible says so.

Love saves all our asses from ourselves! #Metoo and God and you. Jesus showed us in, by and through the story of Love pursuing ALL OF US in Creation and America. Jump in the fire… you first. I can grab your P.U.C. freely, you gave me permission casting your lot. Follow your leader.

Remember #Covfefe and what Jesus said about you and me. Don’t know what we’re doing, casting lots, hope for salvation or bribes. That’s the only two options.

Barbed Arrows

In response to comments posted elsewhere…

See the comments, posted all over creation, for capitalistic opportunities to glean more understanding… about our problem.

Seek truth with a pure heart, babe.

We gotta figure this out sometime or another. Love is patient and kind… enduring and persevering. Keeping no record of wrongs.

You can take advantage of love and run around like elephants and donkeys if you want. Love never fails to find a way to… Love All Of Creation.

Love prevails… Faith, Hope and Love is the greatest. Incorruptible and trustworthy… Proven to me. Some creatures are conditioned to Just Love. They went first before the others, into the fire.

Thank you for your service. Your actions and attitudes, reflected in the glory, help our cause. We stand proud for Truth about Love for All Of Creation, you and them.

Dora & Blue 2021

*We took both roads, searched high and low… Now we all grown up and ready to help!

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