Do Or Don’t; Enter The Den To Get To The Garden Of Love? That Wasn’t Me… In The Bathroom.


Kids and babes… flocks follow… Leaders or Love. Get to know how to discern the difference. Don’t mislead kids. I was thrown back into the sea, at least once; how about you?

Let’s get to the heart of confusion and deception. Doubt and betrayal.

Learned behavior… to stoke sociopolitical fires for their leaders desires and/or “support” coffers. Some just feel or share someone else’s promoted glory; skip the suffering fools part. Church or Caesar, Kings, Queens and a prince and the princesses. The Pope is a celebrity you can follow like your pastor or preacher. The Vat is not THE Church Love is after. Man says they built it to preserve the Bible and things of Christianity. Spending all your tithes and first fruits on wages and building in the end times. It’s up to you to dig and seek truth for yourself. Organizations need support for profitable results.

Do or don’t seek the truth with a pure heart. Rise up and walk, run and bike. Uber to your spiritual leader and tell them it’s time to be truly contrite about this issue. Save them too. I don’t have to worry about the sincere and genuine, misconstruing, my words or meaning.

I AM willing and willing to go into the den and prove Love exists. Win Gods heart… back for Love.

It’s in all the stories… the facts about Unfathomable Love and overcomers. So only the pure in heart, that seek for truth, will find Love, of the Father? Love says… Contrite hearts and 2 horns up the rear will fix this mess. The donkey is a rhinoceros. Love ain’t done with us yet. Love never fails, to produce results for pleasure and good.

Stepping stone… Believers, who come to know Love through their prophet and book are supposed to graduate. And then get paid, well in stardust, I might add, to promote truth in all things.

Confused and deceived may misinterpret what scripture is. Start throwing rocks about what they are beholden to. Never sold out and reckoned with Love. Just accepted tax breaks, for tithes and service, and withheld efforts for the least among us.

*Discretionary energy given as sacrifice for Love; on an altar, Hope for Mercy. I testify it’s real. Fully convinced, so to speak, you may not have come to know Love is unfathomable, yet.

Contriteness? Are you contrite and changed, ready for and to; Love now?

Hindsight 2020 and all things made known… All of creation is coming to know Love.

We all know God and Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Confucius, Dante and Edward and Frank…

Ge’ez… is it all in the “book” your name is written in?

Sell all you are beholden to and just Love. Preserve your pearls and footprints… Tell your story… Don’t tell people you know the name of Love is anything… but Love. Incorruptible.

God was Love… until inequity was found in the context of transliteration. Like Lucifer. We were warned and reproofed; over and over and over… again, God ain’t going before you anymore! The fat and blood are LOVES; in her through him and unto us, Love says. All for Love, of course.

Do you love all of creation?

Just telling everyone you are loved? Testing and trying spirits? Like in the story of Job?

Fighting for homeless people, taking on the goliath system, that serves your desired needs? To mouth speech for the voiceless; do you get a piece too? Do you know body language? Hand signs?

Do you love correction? Or do you need a whip’n? Don’t gloss and lean into your understanding. Be earnest for reward. Work. Serve your God, Just Love. Love is and was the Christ. Love went before us, dealt with our devil.

The same yesterday, today and tomorrow, remember?

Quran says some flock needs reminding. What can the Quran followers and readers glean from the Bible? We all share in suffering and glory… promise!

I AM is the librarian… Return the books. You can’t handle the truth. We regurgitate it for the next generation. Reformers or re-framer? What say you? Reproof?

Follow Love or God? A child in America wants to know. Did you write off tithes or support tax breaks for a church organizations benefits, through faith in mercy? You are deserving? Don’t you know Ye are the church with two temples?

You sit still and don’t argue in that mercy seat, with Love. Accept the millstone. Cut off your hands… get on your knees; unless you believe you are exempt, for some reason?

Responsible Rhetoric

Disclaimer: Cutting off hands and kneeling on your knees is metaphoric. DO NOT go cut off your physical hands.

Left and Right? Tithes and taxes for faith in a system… Just think about it.

Love is seeking to and fro for you.

You stuck in a building or the muck and mire… Elevator, ladder or stairs?

Rise up and walk… Love freely and liberated like.

Not beholden to imposed learned behavior. Like a Slave.

You are a freebird. Love is in your bones. Don’t fly too close to the sun… keep it just and right. Seek truth with a pure heart, just like the good book says. If it ain’t making sense… It’s confusion and deception, doubt and betrayal, afoot. Press on, it’s simple. Love loves and wont fail.

Call on Love when you need help!

A real sparrow poops & tweets…

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