American Dream’n

I wonder if we could all come to an agreement that our understanding of God is ambiguous? Alluring; at it’s best, it’s alive in our spirit. The ideal God we pledged to serve under the Sun and Flag of Allegiance to seek dreams of profit & accept loss of accountability.

Who gets all e gain ce?

What will be done with it for Loves sake; tell me! I yearn for all the Love in the universe, but, just want the freedom to love, liberally. Without impedance or even fear, I need to save something for a rainy day because God failed to protect us? Not when your paid to tell me to give all i have and trust for more, to give to a system. Like a golden calf system. With a track record.

Don’t try and take credit for Loves fail safes.

Then parlay… Only double down if you know your heart is right.

Wisdoms and people dictate all sorts of ideas… The body of knowledge and principles that develops within a specified society or period. plural noun: wisdoms “the traditional farming wisdom of India”

We are taught to temper this wisdom for understanding so that we may live more abundantly. Life in 2021 is supposed to be like a kinder garden or like ideal grade school… at it’s best. Who pissed off the principle!? Let’s stone ’em! Chase me…

Should we round up everyone that can’t make it work out in this political & economic climate, now; cut them off? If they don’t like it they can move? What is Freedom & Liberty to you; really, deep, way down, in the fire below?

Whether you acknowledge Truth or not, it exists. Our efforts support shell games, propped industries and fleecing left and right while arguing we can’t do right for all, like we said we should, as we pledged under God. That’s a pipe dream. Smoke a pipe and that’s another thing. They will use to keep controls, footing and ground taken already. In their minds & hearts, through the faith that made it tangible. Look around you. Does it take money to be free? What’s your motto?

Financial Independence is achieved when you feel comfortable divorcing the calf? A kid is ask’n incessant questions, ain’t gonna stop. God, Daddy or Bob… What do you do with the rats that can’t keep secrets? If only they could be more like Elephants & Donkeys?

Meanwhile, We the people watched in shock and or awe along the way. Which wall side are you on, when push comes to shove? Path of least resistance?

Illuminated in the Books, Bibles and Stories of creatures confronting evils in the world. Usually a power struggle for control by way of forced justifications for profitable ventures. VOC for one. If we can depend on the Britannica Encyclopedia for References. Wikipedia for knowledge and The Bible for confirmations. I like the Morgan Bible so far… It has colorful pictures for spiritual kids.

I was born a neutral soul. My angst is in the complexity of the issue and not the participants. My fail is that I am not more readily equipped for service; if you think it so. Thank you sooo much Uncle Sam! You kept the fires burning, I will give you props for that.

COMING NEXT: Dear John Imagines “The Whole, New Creature” promised to be delivered, by our pledged Gods, Word.

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