The Significance Of Sinew To Jesus

Something registered, while reading the Bible Scripturas, from long ago, when I was young, stubborn, dumb and/or stiff-necked and foolish, however, anyone would want to review it. How wicked could any of us possibly be? Took me a good 40 to get to the meat, behind the nipple. Looking for gravy, I almost drowned in invisible water-like substance. After coming to zeen, about the Word, Sinew, as a notable part of the story. Was that, I and you could depend on a Truth in all matters. About how, Love Never Fails. The Spirit of Truth protects and preserves Truth for all; rain or shine. Then I found out about Grace, Mercy through Faith and some dude named Jesus on a donkey.

We seek more… when we suffer; sharing glories, along the way. Do we have to be beholden to the systems others might ‘choose’ to follow, even if it is, seemingly, majority? Is it All Set or Seth, or Saith by the Word in the world, to belong to a nation or church of faith for a peace and rights to justifications? Where is the land of the free and the brave? Not on a continent?


/ˈsinyo͞o/ Learn to pronounce

noun: sinew; plural noun: sinews

  1. a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone or bone to bone; a tendon or ligament.”the sinews in her neck”
    • the parts of a structure, system, or thing that give it strength or bind it together.”the sinews of government”


Old English sin(e)we ‘tendon’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zeen and German Sehne.

Is This The Basis For Our Faith In God In America?

Is the pope in a unique position to bring “Peace From God” To All Nations, as possibly Prophesied, some or a long time ago? What will you do, but mock and bicker about it. Blame and wait some more? Or still yet… have faith, that comes by hearing, it will get better, be great, if your patient and tithe or donate.

The hands and feet of Truth, Jesus or Love of God, any or either, all works well enough for most of us willing to work earnestly for it, commit to it. What is It in America? To you? What will you do to protect and preserve it? Your right to tax breaks for tithes to your choice of Church or Political Parties Campaign for National Freedom to make the Rules? Enforced by guns and batons.

The Children Of God, pledged right and good too, in America, ask all sorts of Q’s. Shouldn’t you be wondering, what has been going on, like the song suggested… 50 years ago. Is the bible scripture accurate about turning cheeks and blind eyes? Seeing Noah naked? Burying our heads?!

Using Word to mislead kids. What is Intellectual Dishonesty, when it comes to defining Religion, Economics and Politics, use of, Gods name. In efforts to assure a Nation of scared and helpless flocks, while campaigning for more funding. Left and Right. Financing for freedoms, paid for by Military Budgets and the supporting casts profits? You and I, are not, as value conscientious, as the I AM. Ask. What is Righteousness vs Lucidity. Which has been corrupted? By association.

Like many, I biologically grew up in the 70’s… and now, Zeen Spiritually, to be coming to some fruition, in the 70’s. Watch out for the 80’s. Be prepared for the next generations? Show me what results, to date, you got we can learn from… You went first. You have rights to life support for protecting secret knowledge? Planet Earth seems confused and deceived about how to live at peace, except at Christmas!? Somehow we muster the will to cease fire for a few days, every now and again. Unless it’s something invisible and contagious, acts of Gods will for us. At least while it’s new to us, like the flu… One over the coocoo’s nest.

What the bible says about Sinew

And Google

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