The Profits of Love for God

What is true profit? 

The scriptures, we share, speak of prophets, that deserve honor for simply following and hearing God speak to them. Even accredited them with righteousness for believing.  God or an Angel of the Lord chose to speak to them, for certain, cause of important reasons, and most likely will not speak directly to you or I, for what they state, are obvious, understandable reasons.

What’s it to you if God chooses to bless someone and not you, in the same way?  They will investigate and determine for us, if ours is a qualified miracle of revelation.   Submit your report and wait patiently for your Lord Gods servants to assist the process of assurance or investigate explanations. Providing confirmations and affirmations for all sorts of ideas about God, Satan, Sin and Hell. Some may need an exorcism to have Life more abundantly?

2000 years later the followers need a padded room or jail cell? Some deserve death by mans hand, while others get slaps on the wrist or walk out waving V for victory? To say God in America is confusing kids around the world, is not overstating the topic. To say, that accepting a gifted tax break for promoting Godliness, without sincere works by faith benefiting all of creation, is deceiving kids in America, is not an unjust statement, or flippant, by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ll use the B word in front of God to describe what we seem to be doing, as a whole nation. Confused and deceived, under Gods rule or invisible hand, as George said. You do not have to be purified to speak up about the problems We the people have in America. You don’t have to believe in Love or a Spirit of Truth, just a faceless God to Trust?

It has been made known, that in some end time or end of a season, of a period of time; we will come to know why the prophecies stop and miracles are no more.  It is said, on this, or that, day, we will come to know Love; some see the face of God.  We all become wise as serpents? No man knows the hour.  But be watchful and aware of the end times and people whispering in your ear for profits in the beginning of the next era.

Remember Jesus is coming back for his bride, the body, Church of Christ. Is it just that denomination? Group of people, the faithful to some story heard, that produced enough faith we could find a mustard seed to live on, while waiting for that day? Stretch a mustard seed out to last till the next life span? Or just jump in with both feet and learn to sink or swim in the sea of men? Watch our people drowning, then celebrate the glory of this Nation, like a good patriot?

Preachers say the prophets and demons know these things, must be.  Priests intend that some preachers may be deceived or confused, about details of theology.  It’s ok, they all get the same tax breaks and lack of accountability. Freedom of religion and speech here in America. Wiser we are, now that we understand trickle down economics, taxation legislation and the importance of shareholder profits. Numb or ignorant of money accumulation and laundering schemes. Insider or keen strategy trading and reaping rewards for actions and behavior.

Yes, we are all forgiven? It is good?

News to you? The deal made with the devil is null and void. I am gonna roll with, Jesus, set the captives free a long time ago. You are confused and deceived or just betraying Love; won’t stop seeking to gain the world rather than Truth, yet. Your innate Love for Truth will out last your stubborn, stiff-necked, foolish and wicked flesh, that’s the good news I have for your Spirit. Yes, you may take full advantage of Love. Just or unjust. It is good. Willing not one will perish. What does that mean to you? Can you explain the God written into our mutual constitution?

I am trying to remind us to remember Jesus made a scene, passionately, about something.  Also, It seems the Love of Money is a real thing, producing confusion and betrayal that deceives others.  Do you have roots too!?

You won’t be confronting me in the end. It’ll be the future you! Good Luck!

For profits of talents, a scheme ensues.  We should contend.  Run and fight.  Press, stretch and strain for Love not dollars. The first clue, Columbo, pointed out, was that Love never fails.  Pointed at the name of God.  That Spirit, we learn to call God, that is said to be Love and of Love; describes much about the nature of Life and Love we should come to expect, by faith, from God.  Which lends us to know, something of a Spirit of Truth, a value added feature and benefit. We can depend on. You may not like the implications at first introduction. I say it is worth the earnestness and can be trusted with your deepest thoughts, darkest ideas and inevitable revelations of your truth coming out. It’s not magic.

It is implied, and taught, we should nurture a dependence, on something unfathomable, unknowable, only by Grace, through Faith, to come to know the Mercy of Love; and THE Truth in all things. A presumption of prosperity is given as a sign of Godliness.  And promises of enduring, not more than we can handle.

Someone noted the importance of not misleading children.  Made a whole report of what would happen to believers that didn’t actually submit to the millstone, as testified before all of creation. Many seem to take these ideals lightly, yet want everyone to embrace their ideas for earning wages for work, senses of security and some sort of profits.  Is it documented?  That intimate moment?  You pledged to God, with or without Jesus?  In school or church?  At a sporting event?

Some think secrets are valid and justified to carry a cause forward, for them and theirs, the others too. Verily, they think it’s not anyone’s business, if they are actually transparent.  Missed the importance of the stories around Jesus, or believe they know better of it.  The name of Love is greatest.  We went looking for riches from God, not real understanding about Love for the Creator over the Created. 

Did you read any of the Quran and other texts?  Did you read all the Holy Bible?  At least just enough?  I didn’t memorize any scriptures.  Wanted to trust in knowledge from the Spirit of Truth, not lean on my own understanding and all that jazz.  Tested and tried the spirits.  Even found myself willing to censure God, for the Lords of Love, if needed. We love correction.  Convinced we all share a sincere desire for Love from all of Creation that exists to us. I believe in that miracle. That Truth prevails all Wolf, Bull and Bear $hit and Love wins us back again. Were we sold into slavery? Do we all share in the suffering of our history and truth about R, P & E?

It’s all ok really.  It wouldn’t even need to be mentioned if it weren’t for the resulting indifference to Truth in America and around the world.  Once God got into our shared union and mutual constitution.  Someone told me I was beholden to a pledge.  To place this Country over the world or even all of creation.  Even over God or Love?  Truth is… Love is… The greatest. They didn’t do an earnest or diligent job explaining it all before pressing us for action. Seems more like reproofing on the fly, the deeper and wider you wade into it all.

How do we handle the refunding of centuries of malfeasance by religious and political orders and leaders? If the truth could be known it would be a heyday for lawyers. Like with the prescriptions, man made drugs that failed to be good for us to take internally. The Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder case might set a precedent for us to follow.

If my faith is valid, all things were created by, in and through the power of Love in the universe.  All good and pleasing.  Man corrupts things, throws rocks and stokes fires purposely for personal gains and feeding starving kids, Love created.  Seeks to gain the world of prophets.  As foretold.  So it’s justified, by Gods approval.  You should support the habit and invest in the stock market? Is there a book for dummies?

Tell me what God your serving. The help yourself one?

Can we imagine a new way of the world?  Could you handle a change to the calendar? Can you imagine a 4 on 3 off work week? Would you need someone else to tell you what is possible? Would you really sell all and give it away? Trusting in Gods Word? Just slogans.

If man is to endure Gods results, good and bad, should we get stock for participating.  Since this is God’s Nation, we depend on those results. No more rooms left here or land to claim! Jesus ain’t done preparing for us. In the meantime, I call on God to come like the wind and show us the face of our hopes and dreams. As promised. 

Love saves the day and we thank God, The Lord above, Wonder Woman and Superman.  Love uses all for good… Don’t hold our bad against us, or keep a record.  You don’t think Truth is watching, documenting, for you?  What does it matter?  Boogeyman might get you.  Santa might bring you coal.

We praise because… Love just loves, just and unjust, can’t/won’t kill, never fails to Love; it’s majestic creations.  That wonderful nectar of the Spirit.  Heals all things.  Eventually, we all yield, submit.  Kneel down and thank our lucky stars for the truth about Love and God.  The Lord wants your allegiance and your plus one, counts you for numbers.  Hopes for your support and active participation, in the future endeavors.  

It isn’t that the story of Jesus doesn’t have value or even deserve honor of preservation and teaching, sharing.  It’s that we have hijacked the meanings, just enough to use the confusion and deception for ill gotten gains.  We all acknowledge confusion and deception exist, politically and religiously, fervently, believe in this one or that one.  The various, many, churches have helped to shine a light on this issue.  In 2020 it’s a new era of thinking, understanding.  Knowing Love, a little better.  Now that we know Lords and Gods, so well. It don’t matter if you believe, it is what it is.

How can this thought process, of examination, extend into politics, about economics and rights to use money and enforce justice, make laws, without being hyped as religious thought or veiled by National Security?  Start speaking of Money and God and shit gets weird.  Don’t look nuth’n like Love of Truth. It’s In God We Trust that is engraved on our money. One Nation under God, don’t add up to one in America, never has.

Only We The People are accountable?  Nations, governments, are like Corporations.  People create and protect their activities, beholden, for work to earn pay.  When questions arise, they adjust defensively, or jump right into full on aggressive attitudes and behaviors, expressed into the universe.  Justifications and reasoning abound like a banging cymbal or a gun of some sorts.  Maybe a knee will do the trick. If you have a uniform and license to kill for the sake of protection. Seems we may need to be lawless again.

Everything under the sun, already done, except, the one thing.  Digging up roots of evil.  The Love of Money led many a man to do the unthinkable or the unavoidable; Inevitable, forced compromise to the need for general welfare. 

Everyone has gotta eat and find shelter.

We all want to make a home in the garden.  Live more abundantly with our neighbors doing just as well. The power of Love, this nation was supposedly built on. Without impedance or unwarranted conditions being subjected on us all.  You see we all agreed to this truth already.  You pledged to the Nation to do God’s bidding.  Even to go up against George Washington if inequity is found, like slavery.  I can hold you accountable to that truth. Without a Bible to swear on. You pledged with your hand, mouth and heart. Confessed loyalty and commitment.

You wanna hold Lucifer in contempt? Because you heard it or read something in a book?  While you pardon George?  Forgive Joe? You’ve gone bat $hit crazy, not able to say a word. Don’t know what it means for Jesus to come back. Repenting from personal sins and then defecting from group sin is a strategy option, for salvation assurance, in the good book?

Have you condemned the devil?  In your mind and heart?  Who told you you could?  Who said you aren’t obligated to Love Satan, like yourself?  Better deal with the constitutional inequities, at least.  Before we condemn ourselves judging others, suffering.

We the people… share in suffering with our proverbial neighbors burdens. Spreading the gospel of good news… Gods protection and rewards all across the world. Churches, Embassies and Military bases. We the people pay for it. Have no real sense of scale of economy between us. It just is what it is. It’s not PC anymore to throw kids in the fire, directly. Without a cause or reason anyway; justifiable wars over something.

Profits are manipulated.  War has fueled economies, built retirement benefits for retention carrots and funded veterans rights to the stuff America is made of.  Spent mucho deniro on advertising and promotions.  Parades, coronations and commendations.  Honors of monuments for the victories and loss of lives, of saint like soldiers, sacrificed.  In hindsight, it didn’t really play out, just right, God failed to protect gold reserves and pension plans.  Borrowed against everything including what was set aside for future retirement payouts.  Mission Accomplished.  Doved Gentiles. Does money grow on trees? Do we have a golden goose or eagle?

One for the scapegoat and one for the sacrifice.

People do not need saving.  We have an innate desire, built-in, for real, unadulterated, Love from the universe.  The confused and deceived who are beholden to ways and means that are not of a spirit of Love and Truth about God and Lord of history, are lost. They are the ones you see by the fruit of their spirit.

Lord! Lord!  Didn’t we do this and that in your name?

We are all one.  Share it all together.  Good and bad, we all make some sort of lemonade to get by. Turn water into wine, sometimes.  Some do have sincere faith we can’t all ignore and neglect Truth about Love.  You can put up a hell of a fight though.  Is it humanly possible?  To follow our commitment to Love and Truth.  Intellectual dishonesty is not confusion with deceptions about God in the universe.  Striving to gain your warship/vessel and share in this Nations Founding Fathers ideas of glory for profit, by any means, contrived.

I believe I could have come to know Love and Truth without the Lord God image and man’s ideas of breeding humans and enslaving all, not wise, to a system of “Nation” building.  Stop with the madness.  Or keep placing blame at your neighbors feet. Leaving problems for the next generations to fix. Even if it’s hard, seemingly impossible and unpopular. Kids don’t like imposed consequences and punishments for bad behavior either.

Is it all or nothing?  All for one, you or another, you for all or a few of us?  What are you beholden to Love? God of Country or Truth? Plead the 5th… You don’t want to be one of the ones persecuted for Christs sake? Don’t confuse consumer push back, when trying to sell a brand of faith not grounded in truth for all of creation, as persecution. Don’t act like enduring criticism from peers for advertising your faith is persecution.

“Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Persecution is the crap you endure from others, while standing up for truth about the manipulated history between us and the actual results of Religion, Politics & Economics in All Of Creation.

Whistleblowers are still persecuted like traitors in America. I call bull shit on the flag! Telling Love all about it. You can too! Don’t need to join a church or gain one follower. Love works in mysterious ways. It’s not my charge to make you believe nuth’n. I know two things… deep down, you at least hope for a better tomorrow. And your pledged to God to be one Nation indivisible… and all the other words spoken or confessed out of your mouth, even if it was learned and recited. Leverage. Justice for all. Wanna debate? R, P or E first?

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