The Significance Of Sinew To Jesus

Something registered, while reading the Bible Scripturas, from long ago, when I was young, stubborn, dumb and/or stiff-necked and foolish, however, anyone would want to review it. How wicked could any of us possibly be? Took me a good 40 to get to the meat, behind the nipple. Looking for gravy, I almost drowned in invisible water-like substance. After coming to zeen, about the Word, Sinew, as a notable part of the story. Was that, I and you could depend on a Truth in all matters. About how, Love Never Fails. The Spirit of Truth protects and preserves Truth for all; rain or shine. Then I found out about Grace, Mercy through Faith and some dude named Jesus on a donkey.

We seek more… when we suffer; sharing glories, along the way. Do we have to be beholden to the systems others might ‘choose’ to follow, even if it is, seemingly, majority? Is it All Set or Seth, or Saith by the Word in the world, to belong to a nation or church of faith for a peace and rights to justifications? Where is the land of the free and the brave? Not on a continent?


/ˈsinyo͞o/ Learn to pronounce

noun: sinew; plural noun: sinews

  1. a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone or bone to bone; a tendon or ligament.”the sinews in her neck”
    • the parts of a structure, system, or thing that give it strength or bind it together.”the sinews of government”


Old English sin(e)we ‘tendon’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zeen and German Sehne.

Is This The Basis For Our Faith In God In America?

Is the pope in a unique position to bring “Peace From God” To All Nations, as possibly Prophesied, some or a long time ago? What will you do, but mock and bicker about it. Blame and wait some more? Or still yet… have faith, that comes by hearing, it will get better, be great, if your patient and tithe or donate.

The hands and feet of Truth, Jesus or Love of God, any or either, all works well enough for most of us willing to work earnestly for it, commit to it. What is It in America? To you? What will you do to protect and preserve it? Your right to tax breaks for tithes to your choice of Church or Political Parties Campaign for National Freedom to make the Rules? Enforced by guns and batons.

The Children Of God, pledged right and good too, in America, ask all sorts of Q’s. Shouldn’t you be wondering, what has been going on, like the song suggested… 50 years ago. Is the bible scripture accurate about turning cheeks and blind eyes? Seeing Noah naked? Burying our heads?!

Using Word to mislead kids. What is Intellectual Dishonesty, when it comes to defining Religion, Economics and Politics, use of, Gods name. In efforts to assure a Nation of scared and helpless flocks, while campaigning for more funding. Left and Right. Financing for freedoms, paid for by Military Budgets and the supporting casts profits? You and I, are not, as value conscientious, as the I AM. Ask. What is Righteousness vs Lucidity. Which has been corrupted? By association.

Like many, I biologically grew up in the 70’s… and now, Zeen Spiritually, to be coming to some fruition, in the 70’s. Watch out for the 80’s. Be prepared for the next generations? Show me what results, to date, you got we can learn from… You went first. You have rights to life support for protecting secret knowledge? Planet Earth seems confused and deceived about how to live at peace, except at Christmas!? Somehow we muster the will to cease fire for a few days, every now and again. Unless it’s something invisible and contagious, acts of Gods will for us. At least while it’s new to us, like the flu… One over the coocoo’s nest.

What the bible says about Sinew

And Google

It Is What It Is… We Will It To Be, This Or Bewitch That, Or Could Be The Eve, Of Some New Creature; We Will For The Kids And Us All. Also, Could Be Nothing At All… Just A Childlike Commotion Sent In From Heaven By God Through The Lords Love Child.


“I AM… all things to all people.” Make everything possible…Your wish, is not Loves’ command.

Someone documented in the past, through the Bible, the idea that God is doing something so that we each may believe and come to know The One True God.  For the purpose of saving us all from perishing and taxing.  

Furthermore, the Bible exposes the idea that we need to abide in this dimension, of thought or place of shelter, so that we may have eternal life; which, may or may not be, on this planet.  And not perish because only the pure of heart may dwell with our idea or definition of God and heaven and hell… all at the same time.  “GOD” as written, by and through Love.

Love Never Fails  “JESUS”  Barrabas ? I’m on to you…

As we tread through life in this world, that God, proclaims Love created for him, Jesus and us; we hear that God is Love, and a spirit of Love and is happy with the result of the work being done. Perfect. For the purpose it was created for. We can trust Him to finish Right and Good even if it doesn’t look like it is coming to bout? What’s this about crying out to you Lord?

We hear about the devil and curiosity finds a hellish thought of fear of God, not Love.  As awareness trades stock with ignorance of attitudes and behavior;  It makes sense that God created all this and did indeed give it to, our learned ideas of, Lucifer.  The Morningstar that reflects the Glory of God.  The Glory of God is what? Mercy Lord!!  Help Us All!

Does any one not know that God is described as Almighty and All-Powerful?  Omniscient and Omnipotent and “ALL” that?  And this?  Only if you choose to denounce God for Love. Defect or repent. You have to choose because you are confronted with the idea and thought of God or gods.  Divine Spiritual Beings we are crafted from and have come to know about.  Forced to think about and “Give” consideration to.  Not imposed on to believe.  And if you believe; you acknowledge God is unfathomable.  “Right?”  I’m seeking truth with a pure heart in the matter.

Is it notable that the conversation of God, Gods or no God just gods under the Sun has become a wedge issue? For me.  Strife, derision and disparaging attitudes root deep in the blood shed under the flags of gods under the Sun.  George Washington seemed to proclaim himself as a god.  Public knowledge honored and encapsulated in a rotunda.  America’s Taxpayers own it?  What did he vaguely remind us about, that is invisible? And what was his hope; for himself and this Nation?

How All Mighty is God?  How Good is God?  All questions we wrestle with.  Many lean into a learned understanding, our nature seems to organically want to factor for a result, we are constantly metering and managing.  Law is our documented shared view of God’s character. Not Love. Convoluted with the politics of money; the root of all evil. We the people… live in a system of uncontrite socialism already.  Subsidies and justifications… swept under a rug by a Left hand, right hand stroke, of a pen and flag; back and forth.

I say, I say, your wise, now, as a serpent.  And should be gentle as a lamb, peaceful like a dove.  If we believe our Bible stories.  We have been subjected to a world, a dominion of existence that is purposely crafted for an end result that is divine in nature.

Could it be that it’s true?  We were crafted in the image of the One True God… sold into slavery for pleasure? Pleasure being that not one would perish, but, all would have everlasting life? Senses of Salvation. Joy and Peace?  Prosperity?  Bounty of Riches? Delight in a life of gifted Love? While others are suffering, for any reason? Hold yourself accountable to God, if you choose, and Love Truth.

A wealth of information is available if you are willing to seek the truth with a pure heart.  It may take a lifetime to come to be still and know.  We find out about Grace and Mercy like money and politics or a dream of pursuit for happiness.  We believe we can come and ask and The God Of Love is faithful and just to forgive and restore… US?  If the documented thoughts and ideals in the Bible are true, we believe there is plenty of bounty… room for all of us.  If we put faith in God Of Love and follow the Spirit Of Truth.  As we breathe air, nourish the flesh and wander around Lord God’s creation we learn.  Some naturally abide in the Spirit of Love some wander off to God knows where.  We all are led like sheep.  And if it’s true we have a Master at work for our good benefit… Then what’s up lately?  

How unfathomable is God, Love & Truth?  Can we contain and convey the description of the fullness of the Spirit of Truth through Faith, Hope and Love; found in God?  Is there a way to fully convince you of that sort of ideology?  Establish TRUST!? Someone documented in the Bible the idea that God is doing all of this so you will believe in Love.  And that we should be renewed in knowledge of the Truth.  And pray without ceasing out of a spirit of Trust, built on Hope from a gift of Faith.  You lose yours like a coin?  You still willing to place a bet on your debt?  Your vote already counted child!.  Submit and yield for a steep climb up… LOVE Mountain. It’s a roller coaster to get to the top.

Truth is… that we should trust in Love for the Lord, to do right in all things and give all we have, turn the other cheek and submit to truth in our bones over rhetoric and conjecture.  And to only serve The One True God, Love Truth… not some other graven image of a counterfeit god.  Only the pure in heart will have eternal life. You’ll make it through with the rest of them; Love.  

Love is… Humans are convicted internally, spiritually.  We hear from the outside all sorts of ideas; forcing us to hear and then choose to consider and then come to our own conclusions.  That process is affected by the condition of our heart and what we are beholden to.  “Sell it to ME… I AM… YHWH!” Free Will means we can choose to live in deception… but we do choose to live in it. About facing Love. 

Challenging our internal rational thinking process to reach out and seek for truth…  Hope that our faith isn’t misplaced. And when it is we can correct the course…  In any event small or big… personal or corporate.  “I AM Creationwide baby!”  

Cold hard truth, may be, we, ain’t earnest for reward… All together. Same vision of Love for all.
“Where my people at… I forged your victory already!” -Love gave you the right to Love your God freely with ALL OF CREATION; the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Hold all accountable, even God and Lord.

The Bible documented the experiences others claimed to have of interactions with the spirit of the Lord, God & Love, the Spirit Of Truth.  Who am I to know or say of their accounts? What’s it to me if God chooses to bless someone and not me in the same way? We all submit in the end… But sometimes like all the other times Love is merciful and compassionate to it’s seed…  And We the people, therefore, will to Love ALL of Creation. Love US All!  #healourland  #healyourlandlord  We have Faith organically… with our mustered hope and trust in Nature to Love… Creation.

Contrite hearts are just honest… Love does all the real work. Keep your hands to yourself! For Gods sake. Lean in and yell in your neighbors ear… Lord God isn’t acting like Love, it seems. Actions and behavior, reflect glory and suffering. We were trained and equipped, for this, the bible says. We simply should be saying “Thank You” Merci to Love Truth, with abilities.

A genuine fools truth, is like gold in hand. A stubborn mule may kick. A stiff-necked, one, may be a Rhino. We the people are the wicked ones. With the oil, resources, they fleece. Fire from the Gods cost a body, it was planned strategy. Love is always ahead of Lord God Almighty. You and I are God or Lord, you decide. Slave or servant? Free or wrapped up for a while? Love says Truth is… available.

Love are you still luring to pursue or have you got us on the hook to reel us all in yet?

Truth is virtuous.  Knowledge is good.  Money is the root of all evil?  Love never fails.  We can TRUST the Truth!

“Get your own Bible/agenda if you don’t like the one I gave you.  What you doin with my spiritual knees?”  Faith and Hope…Do you trust your knees?

*This Publicksation is a reproofing of another Postpopee. For effects sake… Check it out! #HealOurLandLord

Is Love just a slogan? We all have a threshold… enduring and persevering… striving to be kind, do right, be humble, in the midst of this and that… waved in our face for profits that empower future… endeavors. We we Merci!
Special! First Session $67.89 By Appointment only.

Do Or Don’t; Enter The Den To Get To The Garden Of Love? That Wasn’t Me… In The Bathroom.


Kids and babes… flocks follow… Leaders or Love. Get to know how to discern the difference. Don’t mislead kids. I was thrown back into the sea, at least once; how about you?

Let’s get to the heart of confusion and deception. Doubt and betrayal.

Learned behavior… to stoke sociopolitical fires for their leaders desires and/or “support” coffers. Some just feel or share someone else’s promoted glory; skip the suffering fools part. Church or Caesar, Kings, Queens and a prince and the princesses. The Pope is a celebrity you can follow like your pastor or preacher. The Vat is not THE Church Love is after. Man says they built it to preserve the Bible and things of Christianity. Spending all your tithes and first fruits on wages and building in the end times. It’s up to you to dig and seek truth for yourself. Organizations need support for profitable results.

Do or don’t seek the truth with a pure heart. Rise up and walk, run and bike. Uber to your spiritual leader and tell them it’s time to be truly contrite about this issue. Save them too. I don’t have to worry about the sincere and genuine, misconstruing, my words or meaning.

I AM willing and willing to go into the den and prove Love exists. Win Gods heart… back for Love.

It’s in all the stories… the facts about Unfathomable Love and overcomers. So only the pure in heart, that seek for truth, will find Love, of the Father? Love says… Contrite hearts and 2 horns up the rear will fix this mess. The donkey is a rhinoceros. Love ain’t done with us yet. Love never fails, to produce results for pleasure and good.

Stepping stone… Believers, who come to know Love through their prophet and book are supposed to graduate. And then get paid, well in stardust, I might add, to promote truth in all things.

Confused and deceived may misinterpret what scripture is. Start throwing rocks about what they are beholden to. Never sold out and reckoned with Love. Just accepted tax breaks, for tithes and service, and withheld efforts for the least among us.

*Discretionary energy given as sacrifice for Love; on an altar, Hope for Mercy. I testify it’s real. Fully convinced, so to speak, you may not have come to know Love is unfathomable, yet.

Contriteness? Are you contrite and changed, ready for and to; Love now?

Hindsight 2020 and all things made known… All of creation is coming to know Love.

We all know God and Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Confucius, Dante and Edward and Frank…

Ge’ez… is it all in the “book” your name is written in?

Sell all you are beholden to and just Love. Preserve your pearls and footprints… Tell your story… Don’t tell people you know the name of Love is anything… but Love. Incorruptible.

God was Love… until inequity was found in the context of transliteration. Like Lucifer. We were warned and reproofed; over and over and over… again, God ain’t going before you anymore! The fat and blood are LOVES; in her through him and unto us, Love says. All for Love, of course.

Do you love all of creation?

Just telling everyone you are loved? Testing and trying spirits? Like in the story of Job?

Fighting for homeless people, taking on the goliath system, that serves your desired needs? To mouth speech for the voiceless; do you get a piece too? Do you know body language? Hand signs?

Do you love correction? Or do you need a whip’n? Don’t gloss and lean into your understanding. Be earnest for reward. Work. Serve your God, Just Love. Love is and was the Christ. Love went before us, dealt with our devil.

The same yesterday, today and tomorrow, remember?

Quran says some flock needs reminding. What can the Quran followers and readers glean from the Bible? We all share in suffering and glory… promise!

I AM is the librarian… Return the books. You can’t handle the truth. We regurgitate it for the next generation. Reformers or re-framer? What say you? Reproof?

Follow Love or God? A child in America wants to know. Did you write off tithes or support tax breaks for a church organizations benefits, through faith in mercy? You are deserving? Don’t you know Ye are the church with two temples?

You sit still and don’t argue in that mercy seat, with Love. Accept the millstone. Cut off your hands… get on your knees; unless you believe you are exempt, for some reason?

Responsible Rhetoric

Disclaimer: Cutting off hands and kneeling on your knees is metaphoric. DO NOT go cut off your physical hands.

Left and Right? Tithes and taxes for faith in a system… Just think about it.

Love is seeking to and fro for you.

You stuck in a building or the muck and mire… Elevator, ladder or stairs?

Rise up and walk… Love freely and liberated like.

Not beholden to imposed learned behavior. Like a Slave.

You are a freebird. Love is in your bones. Don’t fly too close to the sun… keep it just and right. Seek truth with a pure heart, just like the good book says. If it ain’t making sense… It’s confusion and deception, doubt and betrayal, afoot. Press on, it’s simple. Love loves and wont fail.

Call on Love when you need help!

A real sparrow poops & tweets…

Our Condition

#RandiBows and #BarbedArrows

Just dropped in…


A comment on the condition our condition is in…

Truth is you, I, nor your neighbor know what all he has had a hand in… I say that boldly. Who leveraged and sold visas to china first thing out the gate with the keys; to your Kingdom?

George even warned us about invisible hands. Search the Word about it.

Contrite hearts are notable in the Bible… Both parties are not right and humble.

Truth is… some ardent Trump and Biden followers call it hate. Re-framers; not truly reformers.

Some claim genetic or intellectual superiority and want or do not want the walls or access barriers. Faith, Hope and Love are free for the taking.

Biden and Trump are circus animals performing for the sake of your salvation; Gods’ pleasure in the Christian Bible. Presenting an opportunity for all, left and right, to become contrite about this mess.

You don’t want unity and Love? You want a sense of superiority, rights and allegiance to what? Gunpowder? Flags? Obedience. Slaves.

The fire burns up… all impurities. Your level of belief is not really important. You will come to know… Love. Bible says so.

Love saves all our asses from ourselves! #Metoo and God and you. Jesus showed us in, by and through the story of Love pursuing ALL OF US in Creation and America. Jump in the fire… you first. I can grab your P.U.C. freely, you gave me permission casting your lot. Follow your leader.

Remember #Covfefe and what Jesus said about you and me. Don’t know what we’re doing, casting lots, hope for salvation or bribes. That’s the only two options.

Barbed Arrows

In response to comments posted elsewhere…

See the comments, posted all over creation, for capitalistic opportunities to glean more understanding… about our problem.

Seek truth with a pure heart, babe.

We gotta figure this out sometime or another. Love is patient and kind… enduring and persevering. Keeping no record of wrongs.

You can take advantage of love and run around like elephants and donkeys if you want. Love never fails to find a way to… Love All Of Creation.

Love prevails… Faith, Hope and Love is the greatest. Incorruptible and trustworthy… Proven to me. Some creatures are conditioned to Just Love. They went first before the others, into the fire.

Thank you for your service. Your actions and attitudes, reflected in the glory, help our cause. We stand proud for Truth about Love for All Of Creation, you and them.

Dora & Blue 2021

*We took both roads, searched high and low… Now we all grown up and ready to help!

Him & Word

Him and Word… Prey like animals for Love, The Spirit Of Truth, to set us all free!

Protect and preserve Love; babe.

All Of Creation.

Word was way before the Bible… Him is a pronoun; Love created through the Words, we use.

Remember lent, knees and busy bees… A Tower of Babel atop a mountain, to reach a hanging garden, with roots of evil; from the bowels of hell. Not one dig’n; for fear of persecution. Politically incorrect. Neighbors throwing rocks.

Who is suffering?

Rhetoric. Deception. Confusion. Aren’t you paid to milk cows and feed the babes?

Do you believe God is almighty?

The devil in the details?

Love… ALL OF CREATION. Like Jesus did for us. Pointed fingers, rode a donkey and hung on a cross. Learn from him… he’s contrite about not crying out for help. That fool didn’t say a Word to Him. Bible says so. Must have known something. Remember? Something about being thrown back into the sea for misleading children. Earnest for reward. Proofing scripture and seeking profit for talents.

Is Abraham our Father God? The I AM? A Child in America asked; who will answer?

Someone went first to prepare for us.

Someone is coming up the rear with two horns.

Lost and dying generations and folds of new flocks. Not one perishes. If you know Love, for Him, God.

Seek the truth with a pure heart; sell all you are beholden to.

Love is unfathomable. I don’t blame Aaron… We are free of the wages of sin and death.

Just need best practices while we get, or rather, come to know Love.

All this just so we will believe in Love.

Thank you Grace, Hope and Faith.

Mercy and Truth.

All pure Love from Love.

Jared – You were warned. Just like in the Bible, Quran and all the other texts Love preserved for Truth, in all things…
Overcome, persevere; even unto persecution?

DO NOT MISLEAD CHILDREN… Give ’em shelter and food and clothing; THE TRUTH about Love, God, Jesus, Potus and the Pope.

Stand back and stand by… Remember #Covfefe!”

Bible says we are silly with it. Confusion and deception. Sleights, hands, feet and knees and the truth about it. The end times and Love. The sabbath.

Mercy, not sacrifice. Tithes and First Fruits? We own all of creation, in, by and through unmerited Love Inheritance Rights from the Milky Way. We all go to Pluto?

Some how, nevermind why, we have super natural powers. To all together rudder this spaceship. 6th and the 7th sense may have wonder twin powers to manifest reality; if it’s in line with the name of Love. Word and He said as much so.

Rare & Valuable We Are

Get ready for blessing. Two way streets.
Marked By Love.
Love Will Not Relent… Saves, renews and restores ALL OF CREATION.
Lucy Sat An Asked Nicely… Didn’t mention anything about you and them.
You said you knew this already.
You don’t wanna build a bridge? Walls then? Oh a ferry system.
Can you stare at the Sun or Son?
And roll.
One hit made you wonder?
Ah! Yeah… consuming fire was a good analogy.

It’s Love in the fabric of the universe. I discovered it. Named it Love in another life cycle. Your truth will set you free. Love will know… what you need. When it’s time for slaughter, in our books. Preserve Truth… Pre Served By God through Jesus, Allah and Buddha. J. A. B. or maybe Confucius for some. Maybe Dahl.

Thornman D’Spearo Agnewsine – New Year’s Eve 2020


Blowing off some steam… just enough for a facial.

Our knowledge or faith of Love is in our bones… God said so, Jesus confirmed. Others have testified. Some by mail-in affidavits.

As you can see clearly now, under this American flag of allegiances; God is, or has become, an ambiguous, enough, version of Love to rally the flock, of blind, behind. Print honors to on our money. Acknowledging riches.

It all starts and stops with Love… Alpha and Omega.

Can you tell me the root Word of God? And the root of all evil? Seek the truth with a pure heart. Love never fails; is what I heard from the Spirit of Truth about it.

Would Love impose you, to send your babies to war against another nation, it created? Would Love give you a gun? To kill it’s kid?

Would Love really let helpless and homeless people go unnoticed, uncared for, in this day and age of human advancements? After commanding believers to love neighbors or all of creation? With a well like that!? Zam Zam look at all the fish.

After the faithful accepted tax breaks for acts of faith? Money Laundering? Protect and preserve, truth and honesty, for Love, God and Country. Turn cheek to the blind eye. Struck down by light. The bling of silver and light or a reflection in the mirror? Photobombed, you can’t hide. Anywhere in the garden of creation.

Why doesn’t the church of God cut off it’s hands? Left and right. Like Aaron gets a pass for intent and impotence. Lord, Lord! In your name! Keep the faith. Steadfast and holy. In Love or faith?

Faith is the assurance that the things revealed and promised in the Word are true, even though unseen, and gives the believer a conviction that what he expects in faith, will come to pass. … In other words, it becomes so tangible that you now possess it.

ho·ly/ˈhōlē/ Learn to pronounce

adjective holy; comparative adjectiveholier; superlative adjectiveholiest

  1. dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred. “the Holy Bible” Similar: sacred consecrated hallowed sanctified venerated revered reverenced divine religious blessed blest dedicated Opposite: unsanctified cursed
    • (of a person) devoted to the service of God. “saints and holy men” Similar: saintly godly saint like pious pietistic religious devout God-fearing spiritual canonized beatified ordained deified righteous good virtuous moral sinless pure perfect Opposite: sinful irreligious
    • morally and spiritually excellent. “I do not lead a holy life”
  2. DATED • HUMOROUS used in exclamations of surprise or dismay.

Blaspheme… I wrote an article about it.

Voices for voiceless; busy yelling at believers and non-believers in God, Jesus and Allah. Servants and slaves. Confused and deceived. Who’s who in the mirror of Love? Enduring and persevering with one or the other… doubt and betray all.

Love does or does not suffer fools?

No one argues about Buddha? Confucius? Love. No one argues about what love is. They just call their version of ideals and thresholds, tough love. Like mistletoe. I’m good with that.

Love never fails. Even if God decides not to make the Sun rise tomorrow. Moon tides prevail.

Really its your fault for inspiring this rogue rhetoric comment. I couldn’t help myself, in love like that, with the Word. The Word was God… until inequity was found, in the context of transliteration.

Love you! And All Of Creation.

Satire-tipped #BarbedArrows

Subtly Beautiful & Alluring

I Admit It

It was my fault. I take responsibility, for being a jackass.

Does it matter if my intent matters, to me?

What if I thought it was right, when I did it, for the good of all of creation? I get a pass for ignorance or impotence?

In my mind and heart, then; I couldn’t have known they would follow suit… Mess up a good thing I done. Never know if it would have worked now. It is what it is.

Now Is that a contrite heart? About a bowl of porridge? Take what Love gives and ask for more… wait patiently, until you deserve it.

Noah is of Nahum; who was of YuGo’Seth Knotzee Ramada InHuman An’hermogenesis Oblivesoussr… you see then, now, the problem with that.

It was a nice idea, until January found out. December gets a month too, guaranteed in the contract treaty of alliance. You actually will kneel, bow and be freed and liberated. Until you work out your New Years resolution’s; to our constitution, this year.

  • God’s judgement on Nineveh is “all because of the wanton lust of a harlot, alluring, the mistress of sorceries, who enslaved nations by her prostitution and peoples by her witchcraft” (Nahum 3:4 NIV). Infidelity, according to the prophets, related to spiritual unfaithfulness.[17] For example: “the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the LORD” (Hosea 1:2 NIV). John of Patmos used a similar analogy in Revelation chapter 17.
  • The prophecy of Nahum was referenced in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit. In Tobit 14:4 (NRSV) a dying Tobit says to his son Tobias and Tobias’ sons:[18]

[My son] hurry off to Media, for I believe the word of God that Nahum spoke about Nineveh, that all these things will take place and overtake Assyria and Nineveh. Indeed, everything that was spoken by the prophets of Israel, whom God sent, will occur.

  • However, some versions, such as the King James Version, refer to the prophet Jonah instead.[19]

I’m April’s Fool!


P.S. What happened to Nashon & Phinehas? Are you irreverent about it? You need Rahab to explain it to you? Gnash your teeth, don’t bite your tongue or lip.

Con Serves A Tive

Dig into that word con·serv·a·tive

Here let me help you, babe…

Dic tion ary


Learn to pronounce

See definitions in:

All Politics Medical


  1. Averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values. Similar: traditionalist traditional conventional orthodox stable old-fashioned dyed-in-the-wool unchanging hide bound cautious prudent careful safe timid unadventurous unenterprising set in one’s ways moderate middle-of-the-road temperate stick in the mud Opposite: radical
  2. (in a political context) favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas. Similar: right-wing reactionary traditionalist unprogressive establishmentarian blimpish ultra-right fundamentalist alt-right Tory Republican true-blue Opposite: socialist


  1. A person who is averse to change and holds traditional values. Similar: right-winger reactionary rightist diehard Tory Republican true blue gammon
  2. A person favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas.

Love sent me. I don’t want your gains. I want you to Love, all of creation, with what you admit Love gave you. First, love; you need a contrite heart, I see. To overcome confusion and deception.

You want to wrestle or tickle each other?

A con vs A lam

A servant vs a slave

A Tive vs The Spirit Of Truth

An excerpt from the observations of a mind, of one of the humans, equipped with a pure heart, for Truth about Love.

High Five! Too slow, you go first… I am untamed, about it.

A Childlike Commotion Co Production

Hey Fool… Did you know we can make up new Words? Reproof and refine definitions, for the sake of restoration and redemption?

Save the good and max out on the bad! Make it real obvious… We are overcomers.

Jump all over the bed, like kids, with faith. All liberal like, with keys to the kingdom. Ready to bless ye ass?

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Rhinoplasty & Fat Extraction — Responsible Rhetoric

What would an animal look like if you breed a Elephant and Donkey together? This zoo has many animals we could consider marrying. Is the Elephant a pig in disguise? Is the donkey really a unicorn? Is this why we can’t talk to them? Unknown language? Where is Adam? He can talk sense to them. […]

Rhinoplasty & Fat Extraction — Responsible Rhetoric