Our Condition

#RandiBows and #BarbedArrows

Just dropped in…


A comment on the condition our condition is in…

Truth is you, I, nor your neighbor know what all he has had a hand in… I say that boldly. Who leveraged and sold visas to china first thing out the gate with the keys; to your Kingdom?

George even warned us about invisible hands. Search the Word about it.

Contrite hearts are notable in the Bible… Both parties are not right and humble.

Truth is… some ardent Trump and Biden followers call it hate. Re-framers; not truly reformers.

Some claim genetic or intellectual superiority and want or do not want the walls or access barriers. Faith, Hope and Love are free for the taking.

Biden and Trump are circus animals performing for the sake of your salvation; Gods’ pleasure in the Christian Bible. Presenting an opportunity for all, left and right, to become contrite about this mess.

You don’t want unity and Love? You want a sense of superiority, rights and allegiance to what? Gunpowder? Flags? Obedience. Slaves.

The fire burns up… all impurities. Your level of belief is not really important. You will come to know… Love. Bible says so.

Love saves all our asses from ourselves! #Metoo and God and you. Jesus showed us in, by and through the story of Love pursuing ALL OF US in Creation and America. Jump in the fire… you first. I can grab your P.U.C. freely, you gave me permission casting your lot. Follow your leader.

Remember #Covfefe and what Jesus said about you and me. Don’t know what we’re doing, casting lots, hope for salvation or bribes. That’s the only two options.

Barbed Arrows

In response to comments posted elsewhere…

See the comments, posted all over creation, for capitalistic opportunities to glean more understanding… about our problem.

Seek truth with a pure heart, babe.

We gotta figure this out sometime or another. Love is patient and kind… enduring and persevering. Keeping no record of wrongs.

You can take advantage of love and run around like elephants and donkeys if you want. Love never fails to find a way to… Love All Of Creation.

Love prevails… Faith, Hope and Love is the greatest. Incorruptible and trustworthy… Proven to me. Some creatures are conditioned to Just Love. They went first before the others, into the fire.

Thank you for your service. Your actions and attitudes, reflected in the glory, help our cause. We stand proud for Truth about Love for All Of Creation, you and them.

Dora & Blue 2021

*We took both roads, searched high and low… Now we all grown up and ready to help!

Him & Word

Him and Word… Prey like animals for Love, The Spirit Of Truth, to set us all free!

Protect and preserve Love; babe.

All Of Creation.

Word was way before the Bible… Him is a pronoun; Love created through the Words, we use.

Remember lent, knees and busy bees… A Tower of Babel atop a mountain, to reach a hanging garden, with roots of evil; from the bowels of hell. Not one dig’n; for fear of persecution. Politically incorrect. Neighbors throwing rocks.

Who is suffering?

Rhetoric. Deception. Confusion. Aren’t you paid to milk cows and feed the babes?

Do you believe God is almighty?

The devil in the details?

Love… ALL OF CREATION. Like Jesus did for us. Pointed fingers, rode a donkey and hung on a cross. Learn from him… he’s contrite about not crying out for help. That fool didn’t say a Word to Him. Bible says so. Must have known something. Remember? Something about being thrown back into the sea for misleading children. Earnest for reward. Proofing scripture and seeking profit for talents.

Is Abraham our Father God? The I AM? A Child in America asked; who will answer?

Someone went first to prepare for us.

Someone is coming up the rear with two horns.

Lost and dying generations and folds of new flocks. Not one perishes. If you know Love, for Him, God.

Seek the truth with a pure heart; sell all you are beholden to.

Love is unfathomable. I don’t blame Aaron… We are free of the wages of sin and death.

Just need best practices while we get, or rather, come to know Love.

All this just so we will believe in Love.

Thank you Grace, Hope and Faith.

Mercy and Truth.

All pure Love from Love.

Jared – You were warned. Just like in the Bible, Quran and all the other texts Love preserved for Truth, in all things…
Overcome, persevere; even unto persecution?

DO NOT MISLEAD CHILDREN… Give ’em shelter and food and clothing; THE TRUTH about Love, God, Jesus, Potus and the Pope.

Stand back and stand by… Remember #Covfefe!”

Bible says we are silly with it. Confusion and deception. Sleights, hands, feet and knees and the truth about it. The end times and Love. The sabbath.

Mercy, not sacrifice. Tithes and First Fruits? We own all of creation, in, by and through unmerited Love Inheritance Rights from the Milky Way. We all go to Pluto?

Some how, nevermind why, we have super natural powers. To all together rudder this spaceship. 6th and the 7th sense may have wonder twin powers to manifest reality; if it’s in line with the name of Love. Word and He said as much so.

Rare & Valuable We Are

Get ready for blessing. Two way streets.
Marked By Love.
Love Will Not Relent… Saves, renews and restores ALL OF CREATION.
Lucy Sat An Asked Nicely… Didn’t mention anything about you and them.
You said you knew this already.
You don’t wanna build a bridge? Walls then? Oh a ferry system.
Can you stare at the Sun or Son?
And roll.
One hit made you wonder?
Ah! Yeah… consuming fire was a good analogy.

It’s Love in the fabric of the universe. I discovered it. Named it Love in another life cycle. Your truth will set you free. Love will know… what you need. When it’s time for slaughter, in our books. Preserve Truth… Pre Served By God through Jesus, Allah and Buddha. J. A. B. or maybe Confucius for some. Maybe Dahl.

Thornman D’Spearo Agnewsine – New Year’s Eve 2020

I Admit It

It was my fault. I take responsibility, for being a jackass.

Does it matter if my intent matters, to me?

What if I thought it was right, when I did it, for the good of all of creation? I get a pass for ignorance or impotence?

In my mind and heart, then; I couldn’t have known they would follow suit… Mess up a good thing I done. Never know if it would have worked now. It is what it is.

Now Is that a contrite heart? About a bowl of porridge? Take what Love gives and ask for more… wait patiently, until you deserve it.

Noah is of Nahum; who was of YuGo’Seth Knotzee Ramada InHuman An’hermogenesis Oblivesoussr… you see then, now, the problem with that.

It was a nice idea, until January found out. December gets a month too, guaranteed in the contract treaty of alliance. You actually will kneel, bow and be freed and liberated. Until you work out your New Years resolution’s; to our constitution, this year.

  • God’s judgement on Nineveh is “all because of the wanton lust of a harlot, alluring, the mistress of sorceries, who enslaved nations by her prostitution and peoples by her witchcraft” (Nahum 3:4 NIV). Infidelity, according to the prophets, related to spiritual unfaithfulness.[17] For example: “the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the LORD” (Hosea 1:2 NIV). John of Patmos used a similar analogy in Revelation chapter 17.
  • The prophecy of Nahum was referenced in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit. In Tobit 14:4 (NRSV) a dying Tobit says to his son Tobias and Tobias’ sons:[18]

[My son] hurry off to Media, for I believe the word of God that Nahum spoke about Nineveh, that all these things will take place and overtake Assyria and Nineveh. Indeed, everything that was spoken by the prophets of Israel, whom God sent, will occur.

  • However, some versions, such as the King James Version, refer to the prophet Jonah instead.[19]

I’m April’s Fool!


P.S. What happened to Nashon & Phinehas? Are you irreverent about it? You need Rahab to explain it to you? Gnash your teeth, don’t bite your tongue or lip.




A Childlike Commotion Production…

What’s the Word on Love across the land for all of creation? Can we hasten or is it just a matter of patience? Should I just be quiet, because you’ve thought and heard all this before?

What say you… all of creation, scattered, all across this land of ours? We share as an eternal inheritance, between all of us. Get the gest? Read all the stories, be purified, with a pure hearted result. Renew your mind… may take all your life or many more; under a moon and sun.

Love never fails. To make us all whole. Keep it in remembrance. Promise that!

Historical Contexts

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enyalius Enyalius is often seen as the God of soldiers and warriors from Ares cult.

2sents: Reminds me of the occasional Angel, good Samaritan, roman soldier and guard. Woman at the well. Jesus up on a cross. In the stories.

Did Ares convert, repent, change become contrite about what Love with a pure heart is? Have we been fighting invisible hands ever since? 1970ish? 1954? 0?

Ares|serA #AskingForAFriend in trouble with God. They say. Cut down. Ineffective for Justice sake. Helpless. Hopeless. For change. Nothing we can do about it. It is what it is. Make the best of it. Lemonade for the spirit and flesh to share. Sip’n on gin n juice. Grape juice or red kool-aid punch? Blue or Clear Powerade? I hear cool-mint Listerine is effective against the virus.

Do we forgive the Gods that fell? In Love. With the Truth finally. About domination, denominations and impressionists…

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Lost & Found

The Lost Ten Tribes

Apocryphal accounts concerning the Lost Tribes, based to varying degrees on biblical accounts, have been produced by both Jews and Christians since at least the 17th century.[4]:59 An Ashkenazi Jewish tradition speaks of these tribes as Die Roite Yiddelech, “the little red Jews“, who were cut off from the rest of Jewry by the legendary river Sambation, “whose foaming waters raise high up into the sky a wall of fire and smoke that is impossible to pass through.”[17]

Do you go along acting and behaving like your being changed correctly everyday of your life? Growing, developing and maturing, slowly, day by day? Do you forgive yourself for what you do and don’t do, sometimes wrestle with that? Do you execute mercy on yourself, like you do for your neighbor? You gotta take care of yourself too, babe.

This is not really a problem. We take care of ourselves everyday, even if we don’t do it very well. Even if it hurts another to see it, day in and day out. Even if it don’t. Even if no one cares about your calamity. As far as you know, the eye can see. You are not alone, there are aliens all around us. They don’t care if you breathe air or not. Won’t bother you, as long as you don’t rock the boat, when the waves hit.

Does Love lose coins or talent? LMOA! Anything it decides to create trash? ROFL! I’d go dumpster diving, for pleasure, beat out the last god among them; grab Thors Hammer, King Arthur’s Sword and The Chalice, while I AM @it. Amazon angels delivers the ark and bowl, same day. I sent the request before noon, around sunrise, this time. Early bird gets the worm. We all learn eventually… in eternity’s game of Life. The truth about winners and losers. It’s a scam, did it originate in Hell?

There is a huge divide between what our Bible says are the attributable values of Love as a God we are under, due tribute; and what the gods under the sun suggest might have happened in our books, just guessing. If you ate the apple pie. To see if your infected. You don’t need a closet priest to admit it, stand and confess; so we all know, all about it, gossip and share your testimony. At dinner after church or supper later during the weeks work. We break bread and live, laugh and eat. Love it too!

Spread Jesus story, across the land, like peanut butter, give ’em a spot of milk and tell ’em about the honey coming later. Force feed it to the children with these invisible hands… Make it palatable and vaguely understandable; God helps those that help themselves. Serve snacks, they can expect and look forward to. Throw festivals and celebrations. Have everyone bring a dish. Get the message out. Advertise. Word of mouth like… from the rooftops! Good News! The church is still open for business. We found the lost tribes of creations sheep! Buried under the wheat and Capital. Thank God the Church has been faithful about it, for us all.

More to come… I ain’t done with We the people yet. Better hydrate, rest and get a test. I’m gonna try your patience, again. See how talented you really are, can you handle the truth, now? Move a mountain and dig up a root? Support truth and justice? It’s messy down here. We can overcome it. Realize a gain we been itch’n for. Made white as snow, with leprosies?

You will have to dig down deep and stretch out wide and far… For me to search and frisk you. Now get naked. Bend over. Backwards for Love.

Stay still… Do not cough! While I do this...
This helps… get the message across.
Left & Right Meet In The Middle.

This is the mirror… Your hands going to pray about something. Close your eyes, see the light in the background. In the middle between them.

We are getting married… One Love between all of us.

Is she ready? Has He come to get her?

Let’s check if they are free for the festivities.


Set the captives free! Like Jesus did… Made a deal with Love for us.

We all unite… all denominations under Christ, forming a body of believers that have immense unworldly wealth and power… scattered among all of creation… to act on Love’s behalf. When we wake up and rise all together. Write a new script for all created, pure blood, on our heart.

Captives are free… are you and I? Free him and her please… from the Pope/Vatican and the Protestant reformed churches. We all failed to teach the truth, we were ignorant and even deceived about it.

FREE! And acting with liberty in this new world? That knows not what they do. Casting lots. Feeding beasts.

Free to find a new voice or even receive a new directed play on the fly… Only for overcomers, who will listen, to receive a blessing. Love wrote and implanted or inspired in the middle of the night, when you were sleeping?

That’s service minded and free slave mentality… to follow that kind of direction… by faith. Step off the ledges babes… your turn is here finally!

God helps them who help… Clean up briers and thorns.

Somewhere in the Bible… does it matter? If the Word has meaning?

Are you jive talk’n to me about Love!? Or service and slavery? Is there a difference. What shit do we need to do? To get it all right… again. For all of creation. Just keeping the anything is possible dream alive… It’s not that American, but, not at all opposed to good lov’in; all together having a good time!

No matter where you come from or condition your in. We Love Creation. Period. Sun and Moonlight. Just or unjust. How dirty a job do I need to dress for? Do I need a full face mask and hazmat suit?

Jesus was not a silent advocate for the people.

He did not hide behind faith or ignorance of truth found in scripture. All the scripture of the day and time He lived in. Could Jesus read Cuneiform? Did He know a unknown Love Language, we have yet to discover? All together.

More than David did in his time… Jesus stood up to our Goliath, hell. He unified us… Now look at us. All of us in creation. Go pick up the cross, submit to the millstone. Or bang cymbals and beat drums. Make some kind of commotion. Be holy! Be faithful. Stand up to tyranny and oppression. Goliath.

What are we Protestant Christians doing, been doing, since we had been given the position of spiritual leadership in this westworld? Since 1954, officially.

Why is the Vatican still holding our Catholic faith denomination separated from the rest of the flock? Do we freemen become slaves again? When the state of the world and the churches becomes known to all. You gonna vote for the first day of the week? Choose an earthly ruler? We all already voted for Love, including Jesus, if you claim to be in His house of creation.

Jesus came to set the captives free… already freed us from the wages of sin. Your ideas of Hell.

We keep putting yokes on the sheep. Do this do that, follow the flock…They like it… Stockholm syndrome. Need more rooms! So many wanting and needing, left untouched and unfed by the Church Authorities on earth. Claiming, under the sun, to be doing God’s bidding; justifications for tax breaks and donations? Wonder what that’s like in Heaven, as it is on earth. Bound up, ineffective. Like the Bible says.

None of us have made it to fruition yet. Contrite hearts should be produced as a result of seeking truth with a pure heart. Not cunning revelations of others flesh nature so we can put knees on them. Seems like justification to charge more fees and penalties.

Oppressive behavior, for some monetary gain, glory or power? Give me your shirt please. Sell me everything! Wash my feet. I do not deserve your Love for me. You have position and leverage? To help the least among us?

Much is required of those that are given much. Remember… the sun rises on all of us. Love just loves, you know this.

Babes? Need feeding? Force feeding by our hands? A preferred brand of spiritual milk and honey?

Don’t stop at the gates of hell! Tour the whole Kingdom.

Don’t you wanna follow after Jesus? Save others who don’t deserve it; don’t know what they are doing. With pure Love. Not more oppression… laws for living… not when we can’t figure out how to fix the Goliath issue, for them. Confusion and deception. Misinformation.

For the Love of money… the root we tap dance around all day and night. Won’t dig up… need grace and mercy for the lack of Love for our neighbors and walking in the light of truth about it all the time. Not many, love, know Biblese style language. We speak American English and Urban Slang around here, in America. Make it feel good and funny, or move me like Jesus moved you. I’m crazy and messy, all in love with Love.

Tell me I can move mountains! That Love never fails.

Our Creator knew full well before the foundation was laid between us… what would need to happen to bring about our fruition, including the least among us. Quit blaming the rest of creation for everything, now that we know some aspect of truth. Not one including each of us are worthy.

Sell all you have then promote you wanna be like Jesus. I’m serving Love, like Jesus did. Love said all creation receives the benefits of Jesus too.

He told you and I to be patient. Speak in their Love language, this is their home, we are wanderers, seeking to and fro for whom may be blessed. In service to Love or enslaved to Jesus, if needed, to produce results for Love. Sold into slavery.

We been released? Early for good behavior?


Enjoy… while I tell you why you should invest your time and what’s left of your mind and heart into reading rainbows. Shooting darts & arrows. Put down your shotgun. Grab a barbed wire fence, tear it down and make a crown, give it to your neighbor. Tell them I’m sorry. You let all this happen, too.

Keep your money honey… Bribes aren’t a tenth… They are at most a hundreth of a percent. I am being generous. Stretch your imagination, then go read the book again. Want a renewed spirit about it? Let us, thee and they, stir things up a bit.

Tax the Church!
If they can’t give up the shirt!
Time to rescue the lost and dying, remember?
Can’t fund nuth’n when no one but We the people paying taxes & Tithes, funding campaigns… creating jobs with our needs and wants.
Does money laundering adversely affect us?
As the Bride or body of christ? Wonder what Christ might say about it. I always wondered why aliens, like homeless people wandering the streets, exist. Wonder what scripture says about that.
Somebody been get’n paid and not doin their jobs… Did they end up like Job?
All of Creation serves We the People! Not the other way around.
Sheep? Blind and lame? On parade? In the game? Reaching for glory of some kind? Protection. We at war, are you dodging a draft card? Using a trump card you think you have? Justified by anything but what you know about Jesus or Love?


Are we tempered by the truth? Or just created to throw a tempertantrum when Love is infringed?

How do we deal with the convoluted mess of history documented between us? Can we tear into the hard hearts and examine discombobulated brains? Is Love able to save anyone? Why did you get so lucky or blessed to have been so stable and level headed? Are you merciful? Can you lead us? Show us how to make money on the stock market? How do you set up an account in the secret islands? Swiss bank account? I hear Ireland. Who all bought in to America? Years before you and I were born. What was that about a lost and dying soul or generation, in the story about Jesus, Allah, Buddah and Confucius. Would you do anything to save them? What can we learn from history about it? What books would you include in your investigation? Can we examine them all? Is that silly?

For what it’s worth… Why are we so stiff-necked and stubborn about it? Is that a question worth asking? Digging into? What are we beholden to most? Cause it’s obvious… we ain’t paying attention to whats happening over and over… Well… we are headed for Mars, they tell me, this time. Wonder if we’ll see Mommy. Finally.





Can you stop, what you been doing?

Can you look around? See what is happening beyond your horizon?

Does it matter if someone is warning you that a well is being poisoned, was poisoned. Before you drank of the well, after the one that is warning you?

Can you take a barbed wire fence in one hurdle? How high can you jump and what kind of landing you got? What competition would you like to enter? Who’s glory you chasing? Do you question your intents and motivations; or just others? What’s it mean to do it for the Pride? We passed the greed stage, btw, with flying colors!

Ask Barbi about it.

You have a bow? Do you need arrows? Are you hunting for bounty? What’s your game? Is it deer season? Catch me if you can… I’m in a all terrain vehicle disguised as a Cadillac. There’s a caravan… with blue and red lights! I had thought they were following… On my ass… Like that. Jesus! Shaitan! Run a smoke screen… I’ll break free. Straight ahead… They’ll never see me for the dust on the left and right.

I might have been a donkey, in another life… Maybe a deer. Definitely a goat at one time or another. Probably a snake at one point. Wonder what’s next.

Matthew McConaughey, suggests, you figure out who you are not in the stories first. Gave you and us all a greenlight. Punch on the gas, young buck. Burn the rubber… send a smoke signal the heavens cannot ignore.

What was Jesus saying? Who was Jesus protecting? What light was Jesus shining? In the story. Don’t we glean and learn from all of creation? What happened after Jesus died? Why all the illusions and parables? How is there so much history in all of us? Is the Word indeed in our bones. Can I look for your funny bone? Did I hit a nerve? How’s your knees work’n? Can I test and try them? How do you know I am not an Angel? Can you tell if I am the devil? What is an anti-christ? Can you wait to see?



Wanna Ride… A Wild Donkey?

Would you ride a donkey for 3 days, 4-8, maybe 12-19 years? Forgo the luxury of a vehicle or other ways and means available in the year 6770? Not a horse, or elephant… not a pig, but a donkey? Like Jesus did… Back in 4770 they didn’t even have Yugo’s! Rhinos missing horns, say they are donkeys and mules. 3 Pigs make 1 Elephant… look it up!

More to come... this is a dynamic document being published... check back in a bit.





More to come... this is a dynamic document being published... check back in a bit.

When you don’t do what you should do, even if you don’t know or remember, to do, in or for, America, there is a consequence to administer… costs money for the people involved. They are expensive.

We all look left and right… many watchful and aware. Call on Love now or already thank you!

Love is nothing new.

It’s become desensitized, restrained and now retraining… A Magic Lasso added to the toolbox or weapons grid. WOnder WOman is A grandma. JoJo’s was a restaurant my Mom took me to. I made a mess turning water into lemonade. The servers and Mom hated me for it. Sugar packs and lemon rinds; water spilt everywhere. This, babe, is a true story.

Ask the spirit of truth; test and try the spirits. I double dog dare you… or don’t.

There is a line we draw in the sand its said… Whose best practices are superior? Franc or Stein? Evol is the greatest one in the mirror? Love is freedom to be and do without interference with the spirit. Merci Love! I am loved, even glossed, slipping and sliding! We will be stabilized.

As we all achieve equilibrium in the universe of Loves hands. Thank God! Continually if you want… We are free to dream! Don’t forget the rest of Creation and kiss your Mother… I AM your Father. I like everything cleaned and folded when you return what you borrowed. I’ll help you clean it up, put it back, babe.

Day dreams and Brian Wilson…

We the people form this union of onions… All together WElites in, not under, a bushel of the uni-corn verse. Not Webelos in church?

A Childlike Commotion Production… ©Hindsight2020

Oh Gloria!

Full disclosure… Gloria helped me!  Shared her views.  Talked all about it.  I had been stewing, preying over this issue of Socialism vs Capitalism.  For decades.  We have heard all about it.  We have been propagandized to be against it.  We even paid for the advertising!

At the heart of it… We can’t even talk about it.  You don’t know we are free to make up new Words!  How do we deal with that?  I think the word is in your bones and I can stir it up; just right.  Capitalism, communism, socialists, love them too.  

First and foremost… I found that there is indeed a root of all evil.  No matter the system we choose to execute.  Many people love money.  More than me.  They don’t even know me and they don’t care if I bleed or can’t figure out what the feck ya’ll are thinking you’re doing!  Not a question.  I know everything.  You did last night and 1000 summers ago.

I hope that was a fun trip.  I like stumbling blocks now.  I have plenty here, at the base of my mountain.  We have been throwing rocks at each other for all of eternity.  Now it’s to the point we can’t breath.  What do you want to do about your roots, honey?

We have all colors of lies for bribes and you won’t even google about it.  Read a book or Bible, collection of letters and stories, passed down, with contritness?  That requires a pure heart about it.  Have you been apprehended; been to the heart Doctor?  Many get out, released after a haircut.  End up back in the game, after a bit.  Lost puppies, cats and lambs.

Will you perform better this time?  Have you been rehabilitated?  Did you really get all the table scraps you needed?  Is there a point, where in this life, as a believer in Christ, you own a mansion?  Homeless people can’t sleep in?  Lepers and thieves?

I sharpened my tiller blades and have a new fertilizer solution I am trying out.  A new hybrid seed to plant. Ready for a new tune?

Do you know Jesus?  Have you said hi to Confucius?  Did you spend a season worshipping Buddha; the golden calf?  Since I can’t prove anything with Faith, she’s tight lipped and furious, uses whips and canes.  I like the lead of Love, the thorns are bearable.  No more nails. When we make up it’s sweet like milk and honey.  I hope the well doesn’t run dry, like it seems happened in the stories.  Left and Right*. That wouldn’t be lovely.  I’d rather a culling.  Wouldn’t you?  Honest?  Cast your lot, vote for your party.  Or stand up and be honest, neither are doing it for us.  Cannibals?  Don’t eat sacraments? 

YES!  We are beholden to, abide by, one or the other for a season or two or more scars deeper in the soil, digging roots up.  Have you been paying attention?  The cycles and patterns are not symmetrical.  Word is permeated.  Like water or a virus.  We even have reliable information about the last time, to glean from.  Come to know more about Life on this planet, Love and all of creation; truth would be nice wouldn’t it?  We all know better, bout deceiving, and act like it doesn’t matter.  When it has spread through the parties.  To our core beliefs.  Poisoned wells?

I keep mulling this over… Capitalism is a purposeful coupling of politics and economics.  Cementing that it can never be resolved.  Allows for all you see happening, right now.  A circus or confusion and deception rampant throughout the land.  What story was that book in?  Can the A Team save us?  I kinda hope Adam has a twin, with superpowers.  Already in the game, now. I hope he’s not confused, discombobulated.

Warned in so many ways, about being watchful and aware, of all the creatures roaming about, that it’s discombobulating.  I do empathize and realized; Socialism is a more accurate term to describe the US of A.  We subsidize and obstruct this and that.  Drag our feet when we can get away with it.  No one person in charge of keeping our servants in check.  Are you starting to get it?  We are the problem and the solution.  Never rest.  Work on the sabbath.  Even through retirement?

They only work half a year.  Have the best of everything.  If I point it out to you, servants to the king, I get persecuted on your behalf.  No wonder you won’t stop acting like Satan and Natas, making arguments about your ass.  Get a grip on Job!  Sacrifice the lamb, for the coat.  Keep the goat and kill the man?  That the best you can come up with?  After you accepted Jesus’ sacrifice?  Go out and hold your neighbor accountable please.  Make them vote, churches whispered about it.  We planted propaganda.  Bribed the gatekeepers, spies and don’t worry about the rest of it.  We got this, give us more money.

We are all living a lie.  Won’t really, quite get to the roots of it.  We think it means sacrifice.  

So what did Gloria Estefan leave us for table scraps?  Pillars of salt to lick?  Songs to dance to.   The rhythm is gonna get you.  No matter what.  Love never fails.  Believe or not.  It’s not held against you like some might make you think.  Start with learning about Cleromancy and the history of man.  No worries… You’ll find Love like Jesus found, knock’n on heavens door.  In the meantime, don’t harden your heart to the lepers and thieves, homeless people you see.  

Not the fake panhandlers.  Government officials can be worse than that.  Be watchful and aware.  Ask questions like, why are there homeless people, beggars and thieves.  Love the lepers too.  That is obvious.  They were poisoned, drank from the wrong well.  You were sent here and now to love them back to Love, the greatest of all creation.  The Creator?  Would Love be in the least, worst among us… Why would Love subject itself to that? 

Why do we exist?  Have you found happiness, after pursuing?  Can we stop and deal with the age old problem?  Be honest.  Do we need a good reckoning with the truth about our progress?  Get real about a need for a dynamic, more realistic consideration about politics and economics.  We have much data now.  Many people raise clear concise voices, many don’t have ears for.

Deception.  Simple.  If we would glean and discern, earnestly, honestly about it.  We might actually find the rewards.  Left behind for us.  I’m not quite done here for this fish hook. It’s attached to my Bow. I only use Barbed arrows. Shark teeth, that’s the secret.

Plenty of solutions we could execute.  Even make dramatic improvements overnight.  Problem is we can’t get straight about priorities and profiteering.  We all bought into retirement.  Roots babe.  Only Love can yank?  The stock market?  What do you do with a pretty weed, we’ve saved many times already?  If we could get to the bottom.  Of what all the elected ones, in office for decades, have been toiling about.  We might just find out what roots to pull out, until we get them all.  Both parties.  We already have a list of names started, don’t we?

What would it take?  An impartial party.  

Have we not got proof of efforts for a third party?  Precedence we might say.  A “We the other people” party… how the hell do you define that?  

Feck off all of the past, strain them together, learn from all of creation.  Make a new Word.  We can all vote for it, in a new ballot system, forged from our progress.  Have faith in love, babe.  We can do it.  It’s not that unrealistic, anymore.  Anything is possible. I bet you might have some ideas.