Historical Contexts


Hysterical Contexts was runner up… I’m trying to be serious about all this mess. At least I can vent it here… maybe hone my shears. Find Bows for my Satire-tipped Arrows. I self shave. Stay lean, no need for fat reductions. Slaughters… You reckon that’s right partner? In this mess, we fixing to navigate through. Together. We can’t just wave and vote and expect that we wont end up here or worse again. Momenetum from history states the time was nigh a long time ago. My watch was set 5 minutes fast. Early warning system. I went off decades ago. Banging cynmballs was all I knew… Now I bang keyboards. Oh so good, I do it in my sleep while I am dreaming. Not responsible for content. Disclaimed all liabilities, creatively.

LLC, llc. Now lets talk about your soul. And Heaven on Earth, they are in, running our country. We the people… may not understand our constitutional rights to exercise our sweet hand, at times like this.

It is We the people… If ma & ma ain’t happy… I growl. All animalistic and majestic like. Word. Verily like that. Is Love a beast above all nations? King of Kings of kingdoms on earth?

A NEW Social Religious Political Reformation Initiative

Satire from the trenches… foxholes and ditches. Virtually, not realistically. It wouldn’t make any sense then… Only if your drunk on the Spirit. Will you laugh with me…

This is America… We are under God! We trust God!
For Reckoning This Mess!? God Bless Us. Over and over they said all this.
Remember me, he said. Said it was all like this then.

Go get Satan, he can explain it better. More convincing… more real devilish and dramatic. Gets the point across real good. Like getting T-bagged in church by the preachers wife’s lover.

That’s as dirty as it’ll get… I think. PG11 I would rate it. I’m liberal and open minded. Conservative and efficient. all at once, it’s amazing! Like a man born thinking he can grab women by the PUC! Silly rabbit… you jab ’em, uppercut like that, with 3 stiff fingers! Make their toes curl. #MEETOO #youtoo #Wethepeople

When in Rome… Mask up… Pope said!

A Childlike Commotion Production

#WildHairyLovePromos on Twitter and Google

Presents… The End of Cleromancy! George Finally Gives In!

Death to the Invisible hands and a loose promise for no more reach arounds! No treaty or contract signed, yet. Go celebrate together. While we get the numbers together for you. Negotiate a fair settlement. For vaccines and PPE supplies. We spent a bundle! Everything like clock work, this time. Well Done! Everyone, really. No kidding… Gestured and Sarcastic. So we are clear. We did do better this time. Truth sets us free.

Before you go, or take it with you... Our song.  
Come back soon.  I'll miss you.
Let you off easy this time.  My preyte... 
Can I stimulate you to renew your mind or mine, your neighbors?  
Comment and correct me!  
Sometimes I tempt thee.  
So we can spark a new fresh wind.  

Now that we have waved and it's sort of figured out.  

Right?  Now... Your gonna wash my feet?

Historical Context

The Profits of Love for God

What is true profit?  The scriptures, we share, speak of prophets, that deserve honor for simply following and hearing God speak to them. Even accredited them with righteousness for believing.  God or an Angel of the Lord chose to speak to them, for certain, cause of important reasons, and most likely will not speak directly […]

The Significance Of Sinew To Jesus

Something registered, while reading the Bible Scripturas, from long ago, when I was young, stubborn, dumb and/or stiff-necked and foolish, however, anyone would want to review it. How wicked could any of us possibly be? Took me a good 40 to get to the meat, behind the nipple. Looking for gravy, I almost drowned in […]

American Dream’n

I wonder if we could all come to an agreement that our understanding of God is ambiguous? Alluring; at it’s best, it’s alive in our spirit. The ideal God we pledged to serve under the Sun and Flag of Allegiance to seek dreams of profit & accept loss of accountability. Who gets all e gain […]