AB Original Jon

A dames rib kicked out.

Removed for easy access.

IV before V?


A tin cup.

4 Gold teeth.

Silly rag dolls; all together, in my purse.

Deb and Don… Ah, Oh, Dis, Dan, And Dat.

Jack and Diana.

Fly like a bat; eyes closed.

Elephants barge in… don’t jump on the bed in joy, anymore?

Thank God for that and preserving New Years 6770.

Merry Christmas 2020.

Santa spells Satan or Atnas backwards. Can you solve for n?

Love All Of Creation, this year… your still breathing in.

Dangling in space, precariously.

*No time for a clip from Kimmel.

I Admit It

It was my fault. I take responsibility, for being a jackass.

Does it matter if my intent matters, to me?

What if I thought it was right, when I did it, for the good of all of creation? I get a pass for ignorance or impotence?

In my mind and heart, then; I couldn’t have known they would follow suit… Mess up a good thing I done. Never know if it would have worked now. It is what it is.

Now Is that a contrite heart? About a bowl of porridge? Take what Love gives and ask for more… wait patiently, until you deserve it.

Noah is of Nahum; who was of YuGo’Seth Knotzee Ramada InHuman An’hermogenesis Oblivesoussr… you see then, now, the problem with that.

It was a nice idea, until January found out. December gets a month too, guaranteed in the contract treaty of alliance. You actually will kneel, bow and be freed and liberated. Until you work out your New Years resolution’s; to our constitution, this year.

  • God’s judgement on Nineveh is “all because of the wanton lust of a harlot, alluring, the mistress of sorceries, who enslaved nations by her prostitution and peoples by her witchcraft” (Nahum 3:4 NIV). Infidelity, according to the prophets, related to spiritual unfaithfulness.[17] For example: “the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the LORD” (Hosea 1:2 NIV). John of Patmos used a similar analogy in Revelation chapter 17.
  • The prophecy of Nahum was referenced in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit. In Tobit 14:4 (NRSV) a dying Tobit says to his son Tobias and Tobias’ sons:[18]

[My son] hurry off to Media, for I believe the word of God that Nahum spoke about Nineveh, that all these things will take place and overtake Assyria and Nineveh. Indeed, everything that was spoken by the prophets of Israel, whom God sent, will occur.

  • However, some versions, such as the King James Version, refer to the prophet Jonah instead.[19]

I’m April’s Fool!


P.S. What happened to Nashon & Phinehas? Are you irreverent about it? You need Rahab to explain it to you? Gnash your teeth, don’t bite your tongue or lip.

Con Serves A Tive

Dig into that word con·serv·a·tive

Here let me help you, babe…

Dic tion ary


Learn to pronounce

See definitions in:

All Politics Medical


  1. Averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values. Similar: traditionalist traditional conventional orthodox stable old-fashioned dyed-in-the-wool unchanging hide bound cautious prudent careful safe timid unadventurous unenterprising set in one’s ways moderate middle-of-the-road temperate stick in the mud Opposite: radical
  2. (in a political context) favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas. Similar: right-wing reactionary traditionalist unprogressive establishmentarian blimpish ultra-right fundamentalist alt-right Tory Republican true-blue Opposite: socialist


  1. A person who is averse to change and holds traditional values. Similar: right-winger reactionary rightist diehard Tory Republican true blue gammon
  2. A person favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas.

Love sent me. I don’t want your gains. I want you to Love, all of creation, with what you admit Love gave you. First, love; you need a contrite heart, I see. To overcome confusion and deception.

You want to wrestle or tickle each other?

A con vs A lam

A servant vs a slave

A Tive vs The Spirit Of Truth

An excerpt from the observations of a mind, of one of the humans, equipped with a pure heart, for Truth about Love.

High Five! Too slow, you go first… I am untamed, about it.

A Childlike Commotion Co Production

Hey Fool… Did you know we can make up new Words? Reproof and refine definitions, for the sake of restoration and redemption?

Save the good and max out on the bad! Make it real obvious… We are overcomers.

Jump all over the bed, like kids, with faith. All liberal like, with keys to the kingdom. Ready to bless ye ass?

©#WildHairyLovePromos #RandiBarbs


What happens when Mom’s tits dry up and she ain’t got no more nipples, arms and hands to hold you; rock you to sleep?

What happened to our Mother!?

“It is a deluge of information to wade through… Until your up to your nose in it; to win it.”

Tiller & Tread Triad 2047?

Rhinoplasty & Fat Extraction — Responsible Rhetoric

What would an animal look like if you breed a Elephant and Donkey together? This zoo has many animals we could consider marrying. Is the Elephant a pig in disguise? Is the donkey really a unicorn? Is this why we can’t talk to them? Unknown language? Where is Adam? He can talk sense to them. […]

Rhinoplasty & Fat Extraction — Responsible Rhetoric

Dagwood or Reuben? Grilled Cheese & A Glass Of Milk?

We just do what we see our parents and others doing?

Phaedo & Aesop

Watch the other people getting by with breathing air, eating fruit, thinking, believing and doing for causes and reasons?

Who cleaned up all the poop before the age of accountability?

Free for all! Dry, Great Value Honey Nut Ohs for the kids… From a bowl or cup dispenser with a spill-proof lid.

Your Mom and Dad are going on extended Honeymoon… Left you with a foster family.

What do you know about Cleromancy?

Casting lots of debris and reproofing your Helvetica texts and script shares; testing and trying our ideas of God or gods. Forever or infinite eternity, whichever is coming or going first. You go to Mars, Saturn or Mercury; send Laverne and Shirley to Venus and I’ll take Pluto for my inheritance. MVP, VIP and all of us rise up, go together? Until the end of time. We will do it better next time.

In the Book of Leviticus 16:8, God commanded Moses, “And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat.”

Meanwhile… We the people, pledged under God to do something for ourselves and neighbors on planet Earth. Love and Truths’ stranded family; Liberty, Trust, Grace, Faith, Lucifer, Satan and Mercy.

Justice happens when injustice comes to fruition. Stand Back and stand by, until Love moves you to help with the universe. Don’t let the wolves, snakes, foxes, goats, lambs and lost people with invisible hands; provoke your actions and justify your behavior. We are free from oppression and tyranny. George said God said… Love told me through Truth and examining Justice.

All of creations flocks follow suit… bending knees to Loves branches that came before us… Defined the Spirit Of Truth and Love about God and Jesus; for some of us.

No language barriers or Tower of Babel can overcome Truth, about Love in the unify verses.

Thank Love, for your God of Grace and Mercy, for your Faith, and any Knowledge, you have, of hope for what’s next. And any evidence, of proof of life, you have found or of the validity and veracity of your neighbors chosen gods, bible, school or current science of philo sophy. It really is up to you to dig.

Well, are you and I a Uni? You and I verses any, some or all who stand against us and them? Just verses of Psalms and Proverbs? Scripture reproofed for laws of gravity and supply and demand for more helium?

Miriam, Aaron and Moses saved us? For Abraham, Joseph or Levis’ sake? Why do we need Jesus, Allah and Buddha? Confucius? Mahatma, Diogenes, Barnabas and Hitler? We have Mary in us?

Who invented the Reuben sandwich?

Would you prefer a different variation, inspired by the Reuben?

Solve that mystery and then you can tackle the mystery of the Gospel of Christ. Geas us or geis us all together God, Lord of what Love is from above; under the Sun and Moon and Stars above the majesty of all you have created. The Truth about Love is King. I do not love pimento cheese.

Eat a sandwich and poop out the contents. Feast and merrily, be worthy; reproof your scriptures. Again I say, It really is up to you to dig and ask for understanding; from the universe.

Is there more than one opinion of thought about Love or Truth? Which book says your brand is best? Consumer Reports? A guides book? Paths proven… trusted and desired, worthy to behold, like gems or gold.

Is your inner mirror made of gold, tin, silver and/or mercury? Antimony? You need a cup of sugar to make stardust? Are we 80% or 20% Nichrome? Are you 1% or 99% sure about, this life and the time after life on Earth? Have you read all the books; studied the life stocked here on earth?

Have you probed the heart and mind of The Christ and know what planet your, telling babes and kids what to do, on?

Where to stand, what to learn and what flag to herald? Teach how to fish or shoot a gun? Stand for Love? Which humans to follow for your God’s will to be done, on earth; as it is in your idealism of dreams of heaven?

You may not know Jesus, personally.

Personally… I do not think Jesus would be standing; for this mess we’ve made since the Genesis of Revelations. We wouldn’t stand for it, it seems, if our sussed history about the Truth is true. In the future, I won’t stand for pimento cheese. I like and love sharp Cheddar, Fontina and Havarti, so far. Muenster is good too.

What reproofing of our origin scriptures have been done and why? Is it hard to communicate these sort of ideas? Are we always moving forward? Evolving and maturing? Are you alive and part of all of creation? Do you think stumbling blocks are good? Profitable for you, by faith? For a Lifetime in the Hope State?

Overcomers; We the people… are.

You standing naked… looking in the mirror? One eye closed with one arm behind your back; fingers and toes crossed?

Remember when you were stiff-necked and foolish… learn from when you were stubborn, now that you are wicked; with oil. I AM A match with GT. Go help Superman and Wonder Woman; save All Of Creation, from themselves.

A Bra, An Econopoly Artist And Secret Knowledge Of Iconic Riches.

For You In Heaven, If You Believe You Can Do Magic… don’t mind wearing the veil as a cloak.

Bel protect the King! Don’t you see the writing on the wall? When war breaks out, you will know them by the fruit of their spirit. A god promised Love would get some action here on planet Earth.

Calamityzam 6770 CE

Have you found the Evil in the Word? Do you go on live every day and night or just live?


Sons just do what they see their Father’s do? Wives are compelled to their mates.



(Akkadian: cuneiform: 𒀭𒀝 Nabû[1]Syriac: ܢܒܘ‎) is the ancient Mesopotamian patron god of literacy, the rational artsscribes and wisdom.

When you boil all the religiopolitical text based drama down to soup stock, we find it is all water. Depleted of minerals. Rights have no value, apart from the Law of Love. You’ll need to burn the old, to generate the new; life we live more abundantly in 2020. What is your testimony? Possession is 9/10ths the law?

Possession is nine-tenths of the law is an expression meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not. The expression is also stated as “possession is ten points of the law”, which is credited as derived from the Scottish expression “possession is eleven points in the law, and they say there are but twelve.”[1]

Although the principle is an oversimplification, it can be restated as: “In a property dispute (whether real or personal), in the absence of clear and compelling testimony or documentation to the contrary, the person in actual, custodial possession of the property is presumed to be the rightful owner. The rightful owner shall have their possession returned to them; if taken or used. The shirt or blouse you are currently wearing is presumed to be yours, unless someone can prove that it is not.”[2]

Aboriginal people frequently encounter this principle.[13] There is some question as to whether the principle applies to Native American land claims.[14][15] It has been said that “squatter’s rights” and “possession is 9/10ths of the law” were largely responsible for how the American West was really won.[16]

uti possidetis  6770 CE

Nice tent… Where did you get that? How many do you possess?

May I show you how to tax them? Even double dip! We can trade stock and cross breed them, put them to work, even charge them for it! Milk them, until they become independent. Even have a cunning strategy to stretch that out, drag them around the community, get more discretionary energy from the wells.

Build a dam… move your neighbors into the safety zone, reason with them until they give in. Trade with them for it. Then tell them a flood is coming, to be fair. They will be amazed at your prime example and discerning nature.

The waves of people will come running, standing on the side of the roads, waving for God to help. They will need livestock, land to work and homesteads to rebuild. You run them around in circles, see, make them real weary and dizzy. Then they will be obedient for work and food; even give you their life in allegiance for rights to another’s inheritance of life created by Love.

I’ll get the gold out for you babe.

I love you, the created, above all of creation and the creator.

Mandrake roots of evil? Have faith in Love, our story some one whispered in your ear; before you were sold into slavery. The pure in heart, people, actually seek for Truth about All Of Creation. Can you find Sin in the World?

The key is Love , babe. That is our Golden Rule Of Thumb to get plumb.

Everyone has a sense of it in their bones and blood now. Just gotta get to your head, through your heart. Mountains, deserts, forests and valleys to get to the wellhead. Or take the funny bone rail! Subsonic waves travel across All Of Creation. That’s why you actually never see me coming down the chimneys. I have no exhaust output. No carbon footprint.

Merry St. Nicopolis Christ Mas 6770/2020* AD

What’s on deck in Santa’s ride… Subwoofers go woof, woof… subtly.

Esau in tow? Like Manna from heaven, you are to me. Get’n paid to tell everyone about Love and Truth, they are Lyres from the Land O’ Lakes, Winks and Nods. You owe me a hamburger, 2 bucks minus 2 cents and an undisclosed debt for later forgiveness for promises of riches in heaven and to cover administration costs of corporeal infractions, of future genereations.

After examination… the common thread we have between us… is constant change and renewal, periods of process and progress, stressed and strained, yet, ye still stands, they hear, I am say’in in the echo.

Geb A. Areistush unknown

A-Z wants to know… who tagged on to their story? And have you seen their son or sun? Both are beautiful, perfect; so they say… Wonderous, Awesome and Majestic; is, is and is, more appropriate, as chosen words, to behold the fullness of all unfathomable Love…

according to me…

Wam Bam Zam’Zam I AM.

Free Shovels And Directions To Wells

*Now With Pictures And Sound! Since 1969 Or Before Time Began, In the Beginning…

Before We The People… became wise as serpents and gentle as doves and lambs.

Watching Made For TV Movies and Cartoons and Living, Loving and Laughing… while we wait for The Programming to be disrupted for Loves’ sake. Public Service Announcements and a few commercials for Peace And Truth Equality between us all.

Animated, reproofed and formatted Graphic Text became fodder for Cinema, Cartoons and Stand-Up Comedy Specials… some Lifetime Romance and Drama Genre, mixed in subtly.

Before We The People… became, as promised, wise as serpents and gentle as doves and lambs.

Is the point of the story, of the good news as gospel truth, that we are not under the thumb of the likes of Pepi the 2 or 3 pigs anymore? How well do you know our history or Bible stories? Are you watching the news about what’s happening in the Kingdoms of all Creation? Is Pepi back in action? Who all is in the family? Who is Userkare? Teti? Seti I hired Columbo to figure out who the Pink Panther is. The Pinkertons? Chester Cheeto from 2020!? Is that AC/DC, B.C./A.D. or C.E.? yBP?

Merry Christmas 2020

Elisha ben Abuyah

Elisha ben Abuyah

Genesis Rabbah & Rabbi Akiva

Search Google & Bing then DuckDuckGo yahoo!

  • The harsh treatment he received from the Pharisees was due to his having deserted their ranks at such a critical time. Quite in harmony with this supposition are the other sins laid to his charge; namely, that he rode in an ostentatious manner through the streets of Jerusalem on a Yom Kippur which fell on Shabbat, and that he chose to overstep the techum. Both the Jerusalem and the Babylonian Talmuds agree here, and cite this as proof that Elisha turned from Pharisaism to heresy. It was just such non-observance of laws that excited the anger of Akiva.[21]
  • Ginzberg suggests that Elisha became a Sadducee, since the Jerusalem Talmud mentions Elisha’s betrayal of the Pharisees. Also, one of the reasons given for Elisha’s apostasy is characteristic of a Sadducee perspective: Elisha is said to have seen a child lose his life while fulfilling two laws for which the observance of the Torah promised a “long life” – honoring one’s father and mother, and sending away a mother bird,[10] whereas a man who broke the same law was not hurt in the least. This encounter, as well as the frightful sufferings of Jewish martyrs during the Hadrianic persecutions, led Elisha to the conclusion that there was no reward for virtue. Thus, Ginzberg suggests that Elisha was a Sadducee, since Sadducee philosophy rejects an afterlife and argues that reward and punishment must occur on Earth (while Pharisee sages interpreted this passage as referring to life and reward in the next world). However, Elisha’s abandonment of Jewish practice after his troubling encounters seems to indicate that, whatever his earlier philosophy, Elisha abandoned any form of Jewish religion.

We the people… want & even expect, as taxpayers & consumers, manuals with detailed explanations & understanding about something that no man can convince you of. You posses the secret, to achievement in the flesh, against the spirit, for gaining the world or your neck of the woods. Do not accept the gift of Love; for your neighbor. It’ll make you mad, as you become enlightened. Fully aware and convinced, Love does exist, and can get pissed off! Love scorned?

Antianti Christ 6770 CE

Steadfast in the faith, even unto prosecution come judgement day. What is your truth about Christ? Which, of the 7 churches, do you claim for salvation from Mommas’ wrath? Death is not an option!?? #HealYourLandLord

Free the people from confusion and deception. Are you confusing or deceiving? Teaching to fish? Leading to The Well or a well for routine worship? Are you carrying the cross? Betrayal and doubt? Are you penitent or impenitent about it?

New questions for the next Official Census. Market Research for Love. Report findings and press for more understanding. If you are breathing, you got paid already. No more rewards from heaven on earth, until this mess iah made is renewed, purified and restored to it’s original glory.

Clean up your room, for the next group of test subjects, moderators and participants. Momma said I could knock you out if you don’t! Grounding didn’t work? We may be truly blessed this Christmas… Have Faith in Grace through Mercy. Love can’t help itself. Truth be known. They been watering down the wine… that’s why it is the best in the end. No man has had a hand in it! Following suit… sharing in someone else’s glory.

Naked before the throne and really only half drunk. Ignoring, negating and disparaging the suffering; others are enduring and persevering through. What is Love? But a choice and a conviction? The greatest power of all. A true motivation. Not counterfeit guidance.

Did you read the manual, you were given, with a pure heart; about seeking for truth about money and politics and religion?

The battle is won in, by and through our hands and feet! What have we all been doing? Submitting to the wrong spirits. Stop with the roadblocks and detours. Yield, Swerve and Go signs are fine.