Can we roam all of creation… freely consider all thoughts about anything? Without getting defensive? Let’s investigate why we are free to do that.

Answer to Why was Judas Iscariot predetermined as the traitor apostle? by Bill Ross

Slap me silly…

till I’m standing naked before all Creation. No veil, shroud or smoke and mirrors. Just cloaked, in light. Loves Righteousness.

That’s the miracle of life… I don’t deserve it! I promise! I didn’t ask for it… kept my mouth shut like a lamb.

Don’t tell anyone? Bout that scripture. They may get envious, even throw rocks at me. Might even crucify me. Only God knows. Why Love allows it. Go ask them. Pray about it. Or prey on someone else about it.

Look outside… something is wrong and right. Do you have the time? You busy? Sharing in someone else’s glory?


I’m telling. All of Creation. You can’t stop me… you ain’t got the right or the weapons. Just all the money? How do they love it? Blind and lame like that.

Wolves take it from all of us. Tell you all about why, in your ear, whispering and now telling, boldly, to help you see better. The dilemmas between us. It’s them over there. Right or Left?

Is Jesus on the left or right? Invisible hands of Love. Please pray for all of us. Without ceasing!

Introspection and ongoing examinations… Looking for balance on the ledges of the mountain of life in America, the world; All of Creation. What’s the future look like? If its up to us… all together?

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“The Fat & The Blood Are Mine.”

God’s got his knee on my neck… not sorry.

I’m doin my due diligence to follow and obey… Is there anything in God’s creation that can separate us from God?

Does God have sovereignty over us?

My oppo research reveals my neighbor is in trouble…

Are you watchful and aware of sin crouching at the door?

Is there a knock at your door?

“Have you asked for mercy?”

Did you know our known 5 senses were created so we could meld with the Spirit of all creation?  Come to know…

“No really you gotta come over here to know more… Lay at my feet.  Be still.  Rest.  Until your not weary anymore. “

“You are worthy because I created you.  Your mine.  I wooed you… and you betrayed me.  All matter of fact stuff to get real about.  Being vulnerable is part of a Life of Learning to Love me like me. You do need to be willing to sell all you have to follow after me.”

“I never said you needed to doubt me.  Who got in your ear and made you believe a lie?  Who made you wander off?  Who sold you into slavery?  Who bought you back?  You may need to plunge deeper beneath the blood.“

“Steep yourself in My Word” Where is the Word of Life? “Search.”

When did God tell you to develop indifference to your neighbor? When did you start negating to disregard any other of God’s creatures?  Are we all babes?  How could one of us fall to the point we the people are [sic]mocking, bickering and blindly empowering blatant raping and plundering of God’s creation?  Right? And left!

“Money is just the root of all evil…  DIG!  Are you doing your due diligence to know what the left hand and right hand are doing under [sic] (we the people) appointment in my name?”  In God we trust… not any other.

Be honest…  Our nation is indebted, not flush and bountiful.  Your patriotism is misplaced.  Your chosen leader, appointed by our God like the story of Job.

Does the Spirit of the Lord search to and fro for whom may be blessed?  Is The Lord God Almighty giving you the riches of this world?  Or did you take what’s yours with grit?  Will He give you more in our Mercy Seat?  ASK!?

  Jesus what can we do?  “Remember… Call on the name of the Lord.”  We need Hope Lord right now, for help from our God of Love!  “Jesus is your Hope that I won’t fail you.  I AM coming for ALL… not just US.  Be patient and hold the line best you can.  Start ushering.”

Would you stop and examine your relationship with the matters of this world and God? “Is this a mutual pursuit for happiness or Love for All?”

We feel conviction like the rod of the staff striking our soul.  Embrace the fact you have nothing to fear…when the staff becomes the snake… correction is good!  Virtuous even.  Receive your gift of salvation!  That is what is required of you.  The correction of the Lord is Salvation to my bones.

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