It Is What It Is… We Will It To Be, This Or Bewitch That, Or Could Be The Eve, Of Some New Creature; We Will For The Kids And Us All. Also, Could Be Nothing At All… Just A Childlike Commotion Sent In From Heaven By God Through The Lords Love Child.


“I AM… all things to all people.” Make everything possible…Your wish, is not Loves’ command.

Someone documented in the past, through the Bible, the idea that God is doing something so that we each may believe and come to know The One True God.  For the purpose of saving us all from perishing and taxing.  

Furthermore, the Bible exposes the idea that we need to abide in this dimension, of thought or place of shelter, so that we may have eternal life; which, may or may not be, on this planet.  And not perish because only the pure of heart may dwell with our idea or definition of God and heaven and hell… all at the same time.  “GOD” as written, by and through Love.

Love Never Fails  “JESUS”  Barrabas ? I’m on to you…

As we tread through life in this world, that God, proclaims Love created for him, Jesus and us; we hear that God is Love, and a spirit of Love and is happy with the result of the work being done. Perfect. For the purpose it was created for. We can trust Him to finish Right and Good even if it doesn’t look like it is coming to bout? What’s this about crying out to you Lord?

We hear about the devil and curiosity finds a hellish thought of fear of God, not Love.  As awareness trades stock with ignorance of attitudes and behavior;  It makes sense that God created all this and did indeed give it to, our learned ideas of, Lucifer.  The Morningstar that reflects the Glory of God.  The Glory of God is what? Mercy Lord!!  Help Us All!

Does any one not know that God is described as Almighty and All-Powerful?  Omniscient and Omnipotent and “ALL” that?  And this?  Only if you choose to denounce God for Love. Defect or repent. You have to choose because you are confronted with the idea and thought of God or gods.  Divine Spiritual Beings we are crafted from and have come to know about.  Forced to think about and “Give” consideration to.  Not imposed on to believe.  And if you believe; you acknowledge God is unfathomable.  “Right?”  I’m seeking truth with a pure heart in the matter.

Is it notable that the conversation of God, Gods or no God just gods under the Sun has become a wedge issue? For me.  Strife, derision and disparaging attitudes root deep in the blood shed under the flags of gods under the Sun.  George Washington seemed to proclaim himself as a god.  Public knowledge honored and encapsulated in a rotunda.  America’s Taxpayers own it?  What did he vaguely remind us about, that is invisible? And what was his hope; for himself and this Nation?

How All Mighty is God?  How Good is God?  All questions we wrestle with.  Many lean into a learned understanding, our nature seems to organically want to factor for a result, we are constantly metering and managing.  Law is our documented shared view of God’s character. Not Love. Convoluted with the politics of money; the root of all evil. We the people… live in a system of uncontrite socialism already.  Subsidies and justifications… swept under a rug by a Left hand, right hand stroke, of a pen and flag; back and forth.

I say, I say, your wise, now, as a serpent.  And should be gentle as a lamb, peaceful like a dove.  If we believe our Bible stories.  We have been subjected to a world, a dominion of existence that is purposely crafted for an end result that is divine in nature.

Could it be that it’s true?  We were crafted in the image of the One True God… sold into slavery for pleasure? Pleasure being that not one would perish, but, all would have everlasting life? Senses of Salvation. Joy and Peace?  Prosperity?  Bounty of Riches? Delight in a life of gifted Love? While others are suffering, for any reason? Hold yourself accountable to God, if you choose, and Love Truth.

A wealth of information is available if you are willing to seek the truth with a pure heart.  It may take a lifetime to come to be still and know.  We find out about Grace and Mercy like money and politics or a dream of pursuit for happiness.  We believe we can come and ask and The God Of Love is faithful and just to forgive and restore… US?  If the documented thoughts and ideals in the Bible are true, we believe there is plenty of bounty… room for all of us.  If we put faith in God Of Love and follow the Spirit Of Truth.  As we breathe air, nourish the flesh and wander around Lord God’s creation we learn.  Some naturally abide in the Spirit of Love some wander off to God knows where.  We all are led like sheep.  And if it’s true we have a Master at work for our good benefit… Then what’s up lately?  

How unfathomable is God, Love & Truth?  Can we contain and convey the description of the fullness of the Spirit of Truth through Faith, Hope and Love; found in God?  Is there a way to fully convince you of that sort of ideology?  Establish TRUST!? Someone documented in the Bible the idea that God is doing all of this so you will believe in Love.  And that we should be renewed in knowledge of the Truth.  And pray without ceasing out of a spirit of Trust, built on Hope from a gift of Faith.  You lose yours like a coin?  You still willing to place a bet on your debt?  Your vote already counted child!.  Submit and yield for a steep climb up… LOVE Mountain. It’s a roller coaster to get to the top.

Truth is… that we should trust in Love for the Lord, to do right in all things and give all we have, turn the other cheek and submit to truth in our bones over rhetoric and conjecture.  And to only serve The One True God, Love Truth… not some other graven image of a counterfeit god.  Only the pure in heart will have eternal life. You’ll make it through with the rest of them; Love.  

Love is… Humans are convicted internally, spiritually.  We hear from the outside all sorts of ideas; forcing us to hear and then choose to consider and then come to our own conclusions.  That process is affected by the condition of our heart and what we are beholden to.  “Sell it to ME… I AM… YHWH!” Free Will means we can choose to live in deception… but we do choose to live in it. About facing Love. 

Challenging our internal rational thinking process to reach out and seek for truth…  Hope that our faith isn’t misplaced. And when it is we can correct the course…  In any event small or big… personal or corporate.  “I AM Creationwide baby!”  

Cold hard truth, may be, we, ain’t earnest for reward… All together. Same vision of Love for all.
“Where my people at… I forged your victory already!” -Love gave you the right to Love your God freely with ALL OF CREATION; the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Hold all accountable, even God and Lord.

The Bible documented the experiences others claimed to have of interactions with the spirit of the Lord, God & Love, the Spirit Of Truth.  Who am I to know or say of their accounts? What’s it to me if God chooses to bless someone and not me in the same way? We all submit in the end… But sometimes like all the other times Love is merciful and compassionate to it’s seed…  And We the people, therefore, will to Love ALL of Creation. Love US All!  #healourland  #healyourlandlord  We have Faith organically… with our mustered hope and trust in Nature to Love… Creation.

Contrite hearts are just honest… Love does all the real work. Keep your hands to yourself! For Gods sake. Lean in and yell in your neighbors ear… Lord God isn’t acting like Love, it seems. Actions and behavior, reflect glory and suffering. We were trained and equipped, for this, the bible says. We simply should be saying “Thank You” Merci to Love Truth, with abilities.

A genuine fools truth, is like gold in hand. A stubborn mule may kick. A stiff-necked, one, may be a Rhino. We the people are the wicked ones. With the oil, resources, they fleece. Fire from the Gods cost a body, it was planned strategy. Love is always ahead of Lord God Almighty. You and I are God or Lord, you decide. Slave or servant? Free or wrapped up for a while? Love says Truth is… available.

Love are you still luring to pursue or have you got us on the hook to reel us all in yet?

Truth is virtuous.  Knowledge is good.  Money is the root of all evil?  Love never fails.  We can TRUST the Truth!

“Get your own Bible/agenda if you don’t like the one I gave you.  What you doin with my spiritual knees?”  Faith and Hope…Do you trust your knees?

*This Publicksation is a reproofing of another Postpopee. For effects sake… Check it out! #HealOurLandLord

Is Love just a slogan? We all have a threshold… enduring and persevering… striving to be kind, do right, be humble, in the midst of this and that… waved in our face for profits that empower future… endeavors. We we Merci!
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